Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wendy Lynn is Born!

On Sept. 6th, at 4:34, our beautiful daughter was born into this world! Due to her occiput posterior positioning, my high blood pressure, and my father's having only a few days with us here in Vancouver, WA, we went in the night before for an induction. At 5 am on the 6th, we began the pitocin drip, and the contractions were back-to-back and extremely painful, so I asked for the epidural. From then on, labor was easy except for occasionally getting a little sick. The delivery was hard. During the pushing, she did not move, and my temp was high, so she was vacuumed. She had a circular wound on her poor head for a while. She did not breathe right away and was bluish, so a respiratory specialist came in and got her going. Her apgar score was 4. During this time, I was frantically asking why she wasn't crying. Fortunately, by the grace of a very loving God, she is fine! Two pediatricians have said so! I held her in my arms and weeped tears of joy, for after a sickly pregnancy and dramatic birth, my precious DAUGHTER, woah, I could not believe we had a GIRL, was in my arms! Wendy was a name I first considered the WEEK she was born. I'd wanted Charlotte Hope, but James wasn't sold, so we had agreed apon Charlise, but then I changed my mind, and he liked Wendy so Wendy Lynn it was! Wendy is whimsical, sweet and feminine and not trying to be too much, and not common either. Number 350 on the social security website of popular names! So, here are some photos from the hospital. Enjoy! P.S., 7 lbs., 1 oz. and 19 3/4 inches long!