Monday, January 21, 2008

Anna Marie and Wendy Lynn

This month my mom and I are taking care of my neighbor's daughter while she recovers from major surgery. Anna is soooo sweet, gentle and motherly to Wendy, and we're having a ball. Some shots from last week--We transformed our dining room into a play room, which can be returned to its dining identity when needed. Right now the girls are loving Wendy's new play kitchen. Outings are crazy fun with the girls. Cafe Sip N' Play is my favorite retreat, and the girls just love it. We've done a lot and there are more pictures to come when I upload them from both my and mom's cameras.

On another note, James returned from San Antonio, and his father is about the same, with good days and bad days. Waiting for a new heart. Please keep him and James' family in your prayers.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Now that Wendy is 16 mos. old and Mimi's visiting us, we felt free enough to take our "babymoon" at last! It was a wonderful weekend. We spent the first night in a cabin in Stevenson and enjoyed a hot tub that looked out onto the river. The following night we stayed at Bonneville Hot Springs Spa Resort and each had a mineral bath and wrap. Neat thing to do. Gorgeous hotel and everything's so quiet and serene. During the days we went on adventures, visiting an old museum featuring the early settlers, Indians and missionaries, eating sturgeon spread and sipping top shelf margaritas at El Rio's. Sigh....It was fantastic.

Pretty Darling

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Cool Camera Feature

I discovered our camera can pick up one tint in an otherwise black and white shot! Mimi's here and boy are we enjoying her. Busy, busy and having lots of fun with the Woo Loo!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Few More

With Unky Nando, opening presents, and with cousins, Devon, Wesley and Victor.

With our Friends, The Bethancourts

Hmmmm...Something about this shot is off. Oh, babies switched!

New Show on TLC!

Hey Girls! Have y'all heard of that brand new daytime show on TLC? It's called Baby Iron Chef! Here are a couple stills from yesterday's broadcast with the captions "Chef Wendy is contemplating a splash of Dijon for her special pasta dish she proudly refers to as 'Woo Loo Wonder'" and "Chef Hattie is in trouble. She's missing her secret ingredient which is critical to the success of her whipped treat called, 'Hattie Heaven.' She'll send her assistant to the market pronto."

"Oh no. Chef Wendy is trying to redirect Chef Hattie. That's against the rules. Chef Wendy may be disqualified. More when we get back from our commercial break. Stay tuned for more Chef Wendy versus Chef Hattie....on TLC."

In Front of Mimi and Ganddaddy's Tree

Christmas Family Photo fer 'ya!

Finally Updating This Here Thang!

Ah. Back home in "The 'Couv." We are recovering from Wendy's bout with a nasty bug, and lemme tell 'ya. No picnic. She got sick on the airplane ride home--twice. Soiled her traveling duds and her change of clothes too! We had to bundle her up in J's coat with nothing more than a diaper on underneath. Then the airport lost her carseat. Phew, a rough time. Her bug has lasted right up until about yesterday I'd say. Now she's back to her chipper self. So, at last I am updating our blog with pics my mom e-mailed me from our visit in Houston. Here is one of me with my girl outside of University Place, where we had enjoyed a nice meal with my grandmother and her friend, Suzon, oh, and Steve and Patty Stockman.