Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Daughter

Oh my. My, my, my. My daughter. Wow. Okay, when she was, oh, maybe 9 mos., her pediatrian WARNED me. Yes, that's right. In a very nice way. "Your daughter is passionate. It's GOOD (yeah, okay, right), she's very intelligent and knows exactly what she likes and doesn't like. When she's upset, woah, she will not hide it, and when she's happy, she'll be so filled with glee, it'll be hysterical. It's good, but she'll make you work!" Had she not been obviously "passionate," she'd have been "passive," which would've worked too. Hey. Anyway, so, when she's bad, she is very, very bad, and when she is good, she's an angel. An example? Okay! She GROWLS, "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR," if I so much as smile at another child. I've been apologizing to folks lately, saying, "I'm sorry. My little girl is jealous!" Now, Wendy still growls, but it's more specific: Me: "Wendy, this little girl looks your age! Hi there! What's your name?" Wendy: "GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR..JEALOUS!" She now grows and says "jealous" together to the poor child. Aaaahhh...what to do. HOWEVER, oh my goodness, is she SWEET when she is sweet! I am teaching her The Lord's Prayer, and she LOVES it, and holds her little sweet hands together, and, after I say, "Amen." and she says "Amen." too, she requests, "Daily Bread Song. AGAIN!" So, to her, it's the "daily bread song." Awwwww.....Isn't that SWEET?!?!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Family Fun!

Wow, did we have fun! My friend, Leslie, recommended we visit The Oaks, an old fair ground/carnival-thing that has existed since 1906 I think. It hasn't been changed, and it's AWESOME! They have an old ice skating rink, with an organ lifted high above the rounded wood plank skating surface, where an organ player still plays! The food court was decorated in the 70's, and hasn't been updated in order to keep the history of the place authentic. It's so strange. You see elements of the turn of the century in the skating room, 70's orange and yellow tables, 80's Pepsi Wall clock and can hear Michael Jackson singing his old stuff. We were so blessed, YAY!, because the Multnomah County Fair was going on too! Here are some fun shots from our incredibly fun day...

So, Wendy got this toy pig from my mom, and I had wondered aloud if it was anatomically correct with that "set" shall we say. Well, at the fair, my question was answered...

Babysitting Sunday night of Memorial Day Weekend

Tried to upload the video I took of Anna Marie, Wendy, Cole and James playing, but it did not work. Anyhoo, here's a cute one of Wendy and Cole. She looooovveess books!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

She's got a HAIR DO!

When you're born in Oregon... become a tree-hugger.

Friday and Saturday, Memorial Day Weekend

Friday morning coffee and donuts with my dear friend, Leslie, her mom, and her Hayden. As you can see, Wendy was all about giving Hayden kisses!

Saturday night we had our neighbor across the street, Julie, and her two boys over for a backyard grilled dinner of steak, burgers, chicken, and she brought a lot of the food, including an awesome tuna pasta she whipped up. Yummmmmmmmmmm...We listened to 80's music and Wendy had her "WalMart" shopping cart filled with toys out on the grass.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

S and S's Visit

Sean, Stephanie and Mary Ellen (in utero) left us Monday morning. Boo HOOOOOOO! We LOVED having them here with us for their babymoon. They went out as tourists during the days, and hooked up with us evenings and of course, I got to visit with them mornings. Exception: Friday night, which they spent in a pretty b & b in Portland. They got to see Multnomah Falls, Cannon Beach, etc, and you can see their pictures on Below are shots I took during the week, with them of course, and some of Wendy's days---at the dentist, "swimming" with Ava, etc.

Sean attempting to soothe his sinus infection with our neti pot! He and Steph gave me permission to post this. He's so funny, my brother, Sean.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Shots from a GREAT Mother's Day!

I went to the church's spiritual cultivation luncheon and tea, and it was done up soooo nicely. The speaker made me cry, she was so good. The food and punch, scrumptious, and I got to catch up with my fellow mommy friend, Luz. A slide show displayed photos they'd sneakily taken of us moms with our babes/kids at church services Sundays prior. It was heart-warming to see Woo Loo up there. Then, James took us to Catedral Tapatia, and of course, I enjoyed my Long Island Iced Tea. T'was a blessed Mother's Day. Oh, and Wendy was hysterical, as usual.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Zoo Trip this Morning!

'Always run into friends at the zoo! Today, I met up with Leslie, Sarah and Jerilee, but then ran into my new neighbor, Jasmin, and her daughter, Joslin! The zoo was cold, but it did not rain, thank goodness, and the chill made the animals more active and more entertaining, and Wendy LOVED the POLAR BEARS!!!!!!!

"Rhino Man"

Wendy is a hoot. A vocal hoot. I was reading this funny critters go shopping book, and she zoomed in on the rhino, which is the grocery store manager, and she said, "Rhino Man!" She says the funniest things. I'm teaching her The Lord's Prayer, and she focused on "daily bread," as I'm certain she relishes HER daily bread, so when I finished saying it to her the first time, she said, "Daily Bread Song. AGAIN!" Every day she says things in a way that makes sense, but just reveals to me the wondrous working of her little mind. When she was sick, it was "Mouth sick. Bear messy," because she had gotten sick on him. When I went in to get her the other morning, I saw that her diaper had not contained her tee-tee totally, and I was going to have to wash her sheet, and she had already observed this, and told me, "diaper broken. bed yucky." She hoards Puffs in her play kitchen, emptying the red bucket that moments earlier had held them, and asks, "more puffs. Puffs all done." Then, in her little refrigerator, there they all are, in her play bowls!


STRANGE but TRUE! In our culdasac, there are five houses. Four families consist of a mommy, a daddy and a daughter that is either 20 or 21 months old. So, there are four toddler girls WENDY'S age almost exactly,and like Wendy,they are only chidren so far. This shot was snapped last night, and the little red-headed Rowan was the only little chica missing.

Sweet Neighbors

An enjoyable evening of watching our neighbors' kids so they could go out for Troy's birthday. They are just soooo sweet together!

Dinner Get-Together

Sunday evening we had friends (next-door neighbors and Quan's family) over for a scrumptious dinner - dijon chicken, citrus salmon and steelhead, coconut rice, parmesan asparagus, cheesecake, etc. James met Quan on the bus commute to work, and he's a Christian too, so it was just a blessed evening.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Fun Drive with Friends

We had so much fun Saturday driving along gorgeous Oregon wonders with Luz, Mike and little Elizabeth.

Camas Thai Food

Wendy was a hoot at this awesome Thai restaurant James discovered in Camas. She was so excited when they brought out the rainbow cereal.

Visiting Luz's Sister

Got to meet Luz's sister who was visiting from Mexico City. We had fun celebrating her husband's birthday. Sophia, their daugther, is 2, so she and Wendy had fun together.

Why not?