Thursday, October 30, 2008

Downtown Camas Boo Bash Yesterday!

Because Trick-or-treating might not happen tomorrow, due to expected bad weather, I decided to take Wendy to Camas for Boo Bash yesterday! The streets were closed off, and TONS of youngsters in costumes went shop door to shop door for treats to fill their pumpkins! Wendy loved it! She did insist on opening a lollipop right away though. It was great weather and she really enjoyed seeing kids her age dressed as mermaids, princesses, and butterflies. Some of the shop keepers wore scary masks though! She didn't scream or cry, but she STARED at them over her shoulder in awe, and it really kinda bothered me that she saw such scary masks.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Funny Wendy Images

At McMinneman's, Wendy, well, she, well, sort of acted up, so Daddy had to take her outside for a talking to..
Prior to that, she'd not wanted to listen to a word of it!

Prior to THAT, she was sooo excited to be at the Eat House. TOO excited!

Prior to THAT, she'd worked up her manic mood by driving us.

Yes, our Wendy is quite the Miss Personality!

Monday, October 27, 2008

More Pumpkin-Patchin'!

We went to another pumpkin patch the other day, and it was really beautiful outside! We were so blessed to have a second lovely pumpkin day! That evening, we went to an Asian restaurant in Portland and scarfed down amazing curry. Wendy loved the "eat house" and we called it "a Fancy Nancy Eat House" so that she would behave like a fancy Wendy and be a good girl. It worked! We're really getting into the Fall spirit, and I made tons of Chex Mix for our neighbors (and myself of course!), and we look forward to a hopefully decent evening Halloween night. Oh! And my dad had seen this on the news, but the patch we went to was the one that had the corn maze that from the air is a portrait of McCain and Obama! We got through it without getting lost! Strange thing: Lately I am finding valuable lost items. I found a woman's license and debit card and James wound up taking them to her last week, and then, in the corn maze, I found a retainer and it was such a blessing because the man I told, a man working there, knew right away that it was his daughter's! There were TONS of families there, so that was a blessing! The retainer was in a dusty dirt patch right next to tons of corn stalk debris, so it was a miracle that my eyeballs landed upon it! Whoop! Another interesting blessing is that I've been getting lots of free stuff lately. I found a card for a free donut at Dot Donuts, put it in my wallet, then James told me about this new donut shop, so I went, remembered the card, and used it! Then, at McDonalds, I ordered a Mocha coffee. The gal asked if it was my first mocha. I said yes, so it was free! Then she gave me a free hashbrown deal because she thought Wendy was so cute! Then, I get a free entree from Panda Express because I filled out an online survey! THEN, at Starbucks Sunday morning, before church, I ordered a black forest ham sandwich, and this dude grabbed it, and it wasn't his, and it was the last one, so the gal felt bad for me because my breakfast was stolen, so she gave me two sandwiches and a free coffee card. Then, I got a free 8 by 10, free sitting fee at JCPenneys so I used it for Wendy's Halloween Costume portrait! It's nice to get free stuff lately cuz we're on a budget. Thank you GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Roloffs!

Last weekend we went to the Roloff Farm for their big pumpkin patch event, and I had hoped aloud that we'd get the chance to spot at least one of the Roloffs, you know, the family of the popular TLC show, Little People, Big World? WELL, I got my wish! We were in a line of cars for about an hour or more before we gained entrance, and upon exiting the van, I look up and who looks down at me from the hayride car? JEREMY ROLOFF! We smiled and waved! Then, we're walking through the gate and who pulls up right beside us in a cart? MATT ROLOFF, the dad! He was offering to take pics with folks, so Wendy and I jumped in for one! Then, later we met his wife, Amy Roloff, and during the hayride tour, we met Zac, Molly and Matt's parents! It was incredible! They were so accessible! We were star-struck for sure.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Glimpses of The Woo Loo

Applying the make-up Mimi sent. A girl's gotta glam it up from time to time!

As I took a soak, James and Wendy played in her room, and she came into the bathroom over and over again holding an animal and a diaper and insisting, "Parrot needs a diaper, Mommy!," returning with Mickey, "Mickey needs a diaper, Mommy!" I diapered about 6 animals...while I tried to relax. A mother's job never takes a recess.

Looking oh-so-cute in her striped stockings and winter hat!

With her little girlfriend, Anna Marie.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Babies are a'comin'!

It is a very blessed time. Babies are popping up like new stars in the sky. My dear friend, Mary, in Maryland found out that their second lil' one on the way is to be another girly girl (she's the best baby-namer I've ever known! I'd tell y'all the name they're thinking of, but I'm afraid it might not yet be decided), my neighbor, Julie, is having a boy to follow her little girl, Ava, my sweetheart friend, Leslie, is having a boy to follow her little girl, Hayden, Lori and Kyle are expecting, other friends are too, and some are trying or are going to, and now I've just found out that my cousin, Christie, is having another boy! It's interesting because half have another of the same sex, and half will soon have one of each! Hmmm...50-50 every time! James and I have the go-ahead to try again any time, but we will wait until after my lithotripsy for my kidney stones. I just want to make sure I'm as healthy as I can be at that time, and I don't want impaired kidney function to get in the way. I'm so excited about this new batch of babies, this parade of cutie patooties, and I can't wait to hold newborns in my arms again. I saw one today at Cafe Sip N' Play, and she was just 2 weeks old, so tiny, so soft, so pink. God is so good.

Friday, October 10, 2008

You're Tagged!

My good friend, Lisa, whose blog is among my listed friend blogs, tagged me! She did this really fantastic and interesting summary of her life as it was 20 years ago, then 10 years ago, then 5, then 3, then 1 year ago, then what it's like today and what it will likely be like tomorrow! Hers is sooo cute! I tag every single one of you all who read my blog and who have a blog spot. YOUR TURN! So, here's mine...
I don't have any old photos saved to my computer, so just imagine what my life was like 20 years ago. I was nine. I was living in Atsugi, Japan as a Navy brat. My brothers and I modeled, and I had a Persian cat, named Cleo. I whined a lot. My brothers called me and my cat, "Whine Master and her companion, Flat Face." I collected Sanrio Surprises pencils. I rollerskated off base with my friend, Christie Dickerson, and we'd flash our ID's and head off to Chijitsuya Department Store for candy and toys, and then we'd go to the ship park and feed the human-faced fish! Life was fabulous.
10 years ago, (still no pics, sorry!), I was 19, I guess I was a freshman at Texas A & M ---WHOOP! I was general studies, and my potluck roomie was WEIRD and scary so I moved in with Nicole, my best friend! Our core group of friends consisted of the two of us, Mary, Julie and Linda. We threw each other surprise birthday parties, invited each other's other friends, and are still in touch, although our lives are all so busy now.
5 years ago, I was dating James! I was head over heels in love with him. He told me he loved me for the first time on his birthday, August 19, 2003. That's sorta close to five years ago! We married Oct. 30 of '04 so we're gaining on our fourth anniversary! Below's a pic from our wedding reception!

We bought our first house in Dickinson, Texas, only to sell it 9 mos. later as we moved out here! Our first house....

3 years ago, we went on our first wedding anniversary CRUISE to Mexico, and ON that fateful vacation, decided to conceive The Woo Loo, and from the top deck of the massive ship, I tore my foil of pills in half, gave one half to James, and we threw them overboard, but the wind blew half of them back to us! So, we chuckled, threw them out again, and took each other's hands, and bowed our heads, and prayed that the Lord would bless us as we tried to make a family, and HE DID! Immediately! Below's a picture of us from that cruise!

Here's one of the first pics of The Woo Loo!

One year ago, we were enjoying the Fall with our beautiful Wendy Lynn, and below is a picture of her with her daddy at Sauvie Island, I believe! She was still round and babyish.

Today is a life of "Whadisit, Mommees?" and cuddles and fun, and tomorrow will be the same, and Lord willing, one year from now, we'll look back on today and be able to post a picture of a 3-yr-old Wendy holding a baby sister or brother, but time will tell....