Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Betty Comes to Visit!

Betty visited us last week all the way from Texas pard'ner! We took her to the breathtaking Multnomah Falls, Canon Beach, Mt. Tabor Park, Laurel Hurst Park, and up into the hills! We got together with my good friends, Marilyn and her daughter, Autumn, and Leslie and her daughter, Hayden. We enjoyed eating out, watching chick flicks, and catching up on each other's lives! Such a great time. Here are some shots!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Am I Addicted to My Camera?!?!?!?!

Guess so! Here are some more from the previous batches!

Wendy's DRIVING!

For all you folks just a'checkin' to see if we lazies have updated our blogspot yet, we HAVE! Yippee! Scroll down to see tons of pictures! Today we had fun, and I'm sorry to report I did not have our new-found camera on me, but Wendy looked like a doll in a stroller-car that we borrowed from the mall. She was zooming around, close to the floor, on a level with all the other babies zooming around, and she gripped her steering wheel, and was, well, a driving mad woman! She looked so cute! I WISHED I'd had my camera! Wah!

Easter Orchids and Unconventional Bath Experience!

The orchids James got me for Easter are doing so well...Behold! And last night, I had a crankipuss on my hands, so we took a kitchen sink bathy-poo! James thought it was mighty cute, when he arrived home from work and saw the action! The second shot is of Wendy "army crawling" on her belly!

Wendy Splashes in the Kiddie Pool!

While next door, at my neighbor, Colleen's, Wendy had a splashin' good time with her 2-year-old buddy, Anna Marie! I babysit for Colleen and then she makes me the most delicious vegetarian lunches, and we just love that our girls can spend time together. It's a blessing to have such wonderful neighbors! Colleen and Troy watched our Wendy for us Thursday night, so James and I could have an early Mother's Day dinner out! It was great!

Playing at Home and at Cafe Sip N' Play!

Her cute play suit with matching eyelet hat, in her "monkey business pose," and having a "curious" time at Cafe Sip N' Play!

Prom Hair!

'Went to dinner with new friends from Calvary Baptist Church, and we drove over to their house early so I could do my friend's sister's hair for prom! Here is the finished product! The last one is of my friend, Sarah, rounding out her whispies while I changed Wendy's diaper! "A Double Bun." She's a model in training, so her hair had just been colored and cut, so I had a heck of a time getting the layers to cooperate! Thank you God that she was pleased!

Retrieving Old Pictures!

Here are some shots from our curry chicken dinner at Leslie and Jeremy's from right around the time that I lost this silly camera...And a couple of me with Wendy on my chest before she outgrew the thang!

I found our camera!!!

Well, a month or more later, I spotted our camera in James' tool bag out in our garage! Hurray! So, needless to say, I've been busy snapping Wendy in just about every way I can! Here are some shots from 1) Our celebratory dinner for Leslie's husband's birthday (29), and James' course work completion for his MBA! I made orange chicken and my mom's salad, and cupcakes with "29" and "MBA" on them! 2) Some of Wendy.....Aaaaawww!

Tiffany and Chris' Visit!

A while back, James' sis, Tiffany, and her boyfriend, Chris, came up and visited. I recently got copies of the pictures they took while enjoying this beautiful place we call home! Chris proposed to Tiffany on their last day, while the two of them were out exploring by themselves! I knew it was coming, so I went out and grabbed decorations and made a yummy celebratory dinner! It was soo fun to giggle and jump up and down over their happy news! We also did all sorts of fun things during their stay, including visiting the water falls, hiking, etc. It was their first time to fly, see snow (up north during their day of driving and excursions), and venture out of Texas (for the most part at least!) Wendy loves them so much, and really adores her Aunt Tiffany. A fantastic time for us all!