Saturday, January 24, 2015

Please Pass the Wellness--and a Dash of Peace

So here's an example of how parenthood can be hard, in life, we experience tests of our sanity!
As IF we haven't dealt with ENOUGH sickness in this ONE little family over a SHORT period of time, we are dealing with sickness anew!  But I think other families are getting hit hard by all this junk, too.
On the 21st, I took Alice in because of a diaper rash that nothing was clearing up (Not A&D, not Desitin, not Boudreaux's Butt Paste, not even the prescription ointment the pediatrician had prescribed during her well-baby appointment on the 14th, and not the foot fungus cream the nurse had called back to recommend when the former failed).  And because her cough concerned us.  Lungs were clear BUT she had a double ear infection, and now, perhaps this rash was folliculitis!  Ok!  Didn't know she had ear infection, but now that I think of it, I had wondered if she'd been digging into her little ears because each ear had a couple small little red dots, little wounds.  Poor Alice!  And a new cream was prescribed for the bootie area (and small area under one of her armpits!). 
Returning to the HEB pharmacist has become downright embarrassing!  They HAVE to wonder WHAT is up with this mom literally handing them new scripts seemingly every week.  For weeks and weeks.  For head lice, for flu, for ear infection for me, for wheezing in chest, for James' sinus infection, for Lincoln's barfarama stomache virus, for Wendy's upper respiratory infection,'s unreal.  And as embarrassing as it is to be "that strange woman in constant need of drugs," it's even harder to care for chronically afflicted kids and/or self!  It's the PITS! 
Making it even more lovely were the PA's words, "Now, this antibiotic for Alice causes diarrhea."  Great.  Big soupy poos on top of folliculitis that I'm trying desperately to heal!  "You might want to elevate one end of her mattress so that the drainage won't clog her head."  But my baby moves around her crib like a fish out of water, with her head at one end, and then the opposite end, in a corner, sometimes her legs get stuck in between slats, a problem we need to remedy with plexy glass!  "You may want to use a humidifier in her room."  Oh ok, yes, the humidifier that we recently bought, the one that warped the wood flooring in Lincoln's room, and the one that would no doubt destroy the hoard of family photos I have crammed into her closet and drawers?  "Warm and dirty water can cause folliculitis."  Ah.... We'd gotten into the habit of, "Honey, can you hand me the baby?  She needs a bath."  As I'm in the water, rushing to get ready for church.  Water a bit on warm side.  Why's it dirty?  Oh!  The bath products that I've allowed Wendy to use in excess for "spa day for Barbies!"  Oops.  My bad.  I CAUSED THIS!
So, that night I try the antibiotic.  No go.  She's a tired mess.  Ok, I'll start tomorrow.  The whole next day, three attempts, she vomits it all up each time.  With the food that I've struggled to get down her because "it must be taken with food."  Now, I'm worried about dehydration, her poor ears which cannot heal without this antibiotic, her pain, and her bootie.  I drive through the same pharmacy where I'm weird woman, and ask if he can sweeten her antibiotic.  Pharmacist says, "We don't sweeten.  We flavor."  Ok then, can you please flavor it?  See, I'm wondering if it's drainage that made her vomit or the dadgum nasty med!  He's rude, "what flavor?"  I dunno.  Whatever babies like?  "You have to tell me."  Strawberry?  Ok.
Get home and resume my efforts.  Entire day is worthless.
Call my kids' doctor's nurse, who might think I'm as needy and weird as the pharmacist.  She gives some info, I feel better and today, the 24th, has gone much better than yesterday, which was better than the flop day before.
So, second stressor for me:  On the 14th, at her well baby appt, Alice was diagnosed with gross motor delay.  She needs physical therapy.  I was given the names of two places which would receive the referrals.  The first place has a wait period of at least 2 months-- not enough therapists.  The second place processing us now but there's this whole family cost share thing and because we may not fit into the category that receives help, it may be unaffordable, but they say they'll work with us, so I'm hopeful!  But the financial aspect of how it works is so confusing.
Third stressor is a situation I feel might be reckless to mention on a blog.  I'm aware of possible consequences.  But!  It's HARD!  That's all I can say safely.  PRAY!
Ok, I love my family and friends who follow my blog, and I am thankful for your blogs, which I follow with interest.  It helps to know that as we grow in this life, we are not alone.  Throughout the trials and junk of life, there is hope, there is potential--to do the work of the One who is beyond our comprehension of wonderful.  So, carry on! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Alice and Me

Yesterday Linc had his 5-year well child appt. and Alice had her 9-month well baby appt.  Alice isn't crawling, not pulling up to standing, and cannot get herself into a sitting position.  Dr. referred us to two kinds of physical therapy.  He asked if we have a family history of this..or that..mentioned neurology.  Lump in throat.  Had yesterday, the night and today to think about it. 
I was late walking.  15 months and 5 days according to my baby book.  Wendy was a little late walking--maybe 14 months, but she did take 3 steps at 13 months-ish.  Linc was a knee walker until 18 months, when he first walked like a human.  So.  We shall see. 
Here is how God is merciful.  Yesterday, Alice began to army crawl.  YES!  With that, at least she's already further ahead than she was!  So we shall find out what the therapist says.
Saw cardiologist today.  Echo and EKG normal.  Small murmur.  Strange sensations I feel regularly, that make me cough, and then they're over---sent home with a 24-hour monitor.  I look like a jellyfish!  See, hypertension had returned.  Frequent exercise and decent diet had resulted in pre-hypertension levels (without the med), but winter, sickness, etc, made us homebodies, and my blood pressure rose.  Took the labetalol.  :(  Now, I had a UTI and didn't know it until lab work showed it, so there is perhaps a tiny chance that had something to do with it, but eh.  Cardiologist said what others have said--I'm young to have hypertension, there usually is no reason for it to be found, but that with management, my prognosis is identical to someone without hypertension.  It's the feeling of being broken that I have to overcome, if that's the case.  I'm 36!
Interesting news--my father, while in the Navy, was told he was borderline.  They chose not to treat him because they didn't want to ground him over it.  They wanted him to fly.  Once he retired at 47, boom, on meds for it.  Hmmm..  So!  If it's hereditary, than WHY did it strike suddenly, for the FIRST time (no hypertension while big and huge and preggers?!), post-partum and following my kidney surgery (which was within days of delivering)? stop--nephrologist.  I have a referral.  Hoping it's some sort of scar tissue associated with kidneys, something that can be surgically corrected.  Would love to live my life, with my small kids, without any must-take drugs.  Side-effects?  I don't even know, but I know the Labetalol causes depression.  Great. 
It's okay.  Life throws these things and how we handle them is where God works on us, through us!  There is a motion to this life.  It isn't stagnant.  And there are challenges, as we know!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Few More --Christmas

Look!  This was my coat when I was her age!  She doesn't like it, so will NOT wear it, but did for a pic!  I bet the same thing will happen with my wedding dress!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Illness Stinks

It started the morning of Dec. 13.  Linc emerged from his room.  "Happy birthday party day!"  He throws up.  We call to cancel bounce house set-up, let friends know not to come, and I pick up sheet cake, only to have it waste.  Poor boy is so sick, he opens presents later in the day, with slightly more spirit than he had all day--:(. We'd taken him to St. Joes, and he was dx'd with a secondary bacterial infection.  See, he'd been sick Thursday but appeared to have recovered.  Now he's on meds and party is to take place at some future point in time.  Because Christmas is next!
The 21st, his actual bday, we celebrate Christmas with the Reneau side at Uncle Chris and Aunt Tiffany's.  He gets a candy vending machine, fabulous, from Grandfolks, and gets a darling gum ball machine cake.
From there, big kids go to Mimi and Granddaddy's as James and I take Alice with us to outlets to shop.  On the 23rd, we return to take Wendy to Dr. Holmsten--upper respiratory infection.  The 24th, we (James, Linc and I) come down with the flu, and trip to ER confirms it.  Christmas Day, we are SO overcome with this virus.  Opening presents was a sort of twilight state experience.
We worried about my folks, but they want us there and assure us they've gotten shots.  But that night, we leave as we do not want to infect my brothers' families.  So, we miss seeing them the 26th, and go about the business of suffering the full 10 days.
We managed to dress the kids for a quickie Christmas pic--

So then!  James and I wind up returning to doctors (St Joes and I go to the Bryan clinic) and he's dx'd with a sinus infection and I'm dx'd with an ear infection and wheezing.  New prescriptions.
Fast forward to Jan. 9.  Wendy is scratching.  I discover a new (2nd time) head lice infestation!  As I am at HEB, filling the prior lice script, my doctor calls with my recent lab results--low iron, and I have a UTI!  So, I wait a little longer until my new antibiotic is filled (mind you, I finished my other antibiotic less than 24 hours before.)
All weekend long I duke it out with the lice, sanitize our home, again, email the school.
Seasonal affective disorder is real, but I can't help but wonder if winter bugs of all sorts are really to blame!!!
Below is the invitation to the party that shoulda been--