Monday, October 20, 2014

Hard Things Come In Threes!

First, I get a big, fat ticket for going 57 on the feeder.  He said it was 45, but just up ahead, it's 55.  Argh!  While taking the defensive driving class online takes it off my record and benefits us another way (which I can't remember, but James told me), it would still cost over $100 to take it, would take 8 hours to complete AND is a huge hassle with all of the paperwork, per James, who took it earlier this year for "speeding" in a construction zone on a Sunday when there were no workers.  So, about $245.00 later...
Second, the stomach flu from Hades.  I lost 7 lbs in pretty much one 24-hour period of time, which is great for the weight-loss challenge Chloe's leading!  But still, much of that was fluid loss, and James became sick the morning after my rough night, and watching all three kids together with an equally sick partner was not easy.
Third, James grandmother passed away the very night I was struck down with this virus.  It was a heavy reality to grasp in a moment of time, and I embraced James and we both sighed, but truthfully, she was blessed as she lived on her own up right up until her passing, at age 97.  She had her beloved dog and an amazing, supportive family.  She got out and got her hair done, banking done and grocery shopping done-- James' mother took her, along with Great Aunt Mildred, anywhere they wanted to go.  Her life was full.  But I pray for James and his family, who were so blessed to know her longer, and more closely than I did.  I know that for them, this is as it felt for me, when I lost my own beloved grandmother.  I still cry for her.
So, I am busy doing laundry and disinfecting and hoping that I can rebuild my strength, refill my breasts (poor Alice!), and get on with this life!  Side note--last night I could not feed Alice as I was too dehydrated etc, and I was feeling sick anew, so James, bless his heart, fed her mashed potatoes and water from a straw.  Did the trick.  Not ideal, but whatcha gonna do when baby food's all gone and mommy's a dry well?!  How'd they survive such trials in the pioneer days?  Creatively!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Costumes! Costumes!

Wendy's 3rd Grade Museum day!  She had the choice of dressing as an Egyptian or a cave girl.  She wanted to be glam, so we went with Egyptian! 
Went ahead and put together Ally Boo's first costume, prompted by an e-mail from Aunt Missy, pleading with me and Aunt Stephanie, for one of us at least, to do this!  It's so stinkin' cute, I obliged!