Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas with the R-side

This first pic is of Wendy's massive and abundantly, lemme tell ya, THRILLING new art kit from James' family! Hello, I had never before seen a more generous supply of everything from markers, to pastels, to stickers galore, and as you can see above, Wendy had never before seen something so marvelous either "IN HER WHOLE LIFE!," as she says!
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The week before Christmas, our family traveled to San Antonio to spend the day with James' mother's side of the family, and it was the most enjoyable and relaxing visit. John was such a sweet big buddy to lil' Linc, helping him practice walking throughout his grandparent's beautifully remodeled home. Linc thoroughly gleamed with happiness as he received so much attention!
Easy goes it!
Traffic cop! A purdy sister one!
Wendy often gets down on all fours so that she can crawl alongside the Lincster. Then, he just giggles and follows her around like a little faithful puppy.
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Made it to the room with the toys!

James' cousin, Jason, has a son, Luke, who is just one month younger than our little lad!

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Luke is a Gerber baby all the way.
Wendy is just so comfortable around James' extended family, even though we haven't seen them in 2 years!
"Little James," now a mighty fierce hunter, came along, and he is always helpful, polite and fun to have around.
I, Mommy, was quire surprised by the number of very nice gifts our kids received! Wendy was on cloud 9! I will be going out shortly to buy new thank you notes for all of the family who were so thoughtful to remember our kids this year.
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John n' James helped the Linc open his treasures!
Tiffany looked regal and in fact, everyone just looked really lovely on this special occasion, and I felt all of the love in this family spill out through the shared stories, laughter, and play.

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Some of the fam gathered for a big family pic, but I wasn't fast enough to get it, following the other takes...
Wendy and Avery got matching grocery carts with food, and they had a blast "shopping" throughout the home all afternoon.
Uncle Donald was the life of the party, providing special holiday coffee drinks to post-feast comatose relatives, slumbering on couches, recliners, and available floor space...
My "durl."
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"Hi Avery! Do you shop here often? Funny thing, I was searching for that smoked salmon for my beloved panini recipe, and I thought of you and your much-adored eggnog punch, and fancy that! Here we are! Let's finish up here and serve a right treat feast to our dolly dolls and stuffed animals back at the ranch! What say you, girlfriend?"
My gorgeous mother in law is in the middle below. She is the only person I know who manages to look more and more amazing every time I see her!
Avery pushing Wendy...
Three generations of dudes, who in my opinion, favor quite a bit. And it's neat because Uncle Donald is a lovable man with a fantastic personality, and James' persona is so endearing, I do hope that James follows in Don's footsteps as far as just continuing to be himself for the duration of his life on Earth. People like them are a blessing. And, I hope Linc proves to have a cheery, optimistic disposition as well. That'd be fine with THIS mommy! I laugh because there are so many little things that James, his mom, and uncle have in common, like the way they stand and what they do with their arms and hands if they aren't using them. So interesting, the stances we inherit, the way we talk, use our hands, etc. Everything's in the blueprints.
Posted by PicasaI have tons more bloggin' to do, but I will have to wait until I can put the latest pics from my camera onto our computer at home as my dad's camera has mysteriously evaporated THEIR latest pics! Horrors!

One pic that my folks, fortunately did not lose (and this is the first one I can share with y'all that is among the more recent ones.)
How lovely are your branches...This one really pulls at my mom's heartstrings.

Building a House and Maggie turns Five!

For my dad's birthday, I got him a gingerbread house that he could enjoy putting together with a little help from The Woo Loo!
T'was a tasty task!
Of course, who would not expect that Wendy would have to sample the hardware!

My father shares his birthday with my niece, Maggie! So, on a later date, we packed up in the van and headed for her birthday bash! These pics are out of order because I think some of them came off of my camera, others off of my folks' cameras, and you bloggers know it can be a pain to rearrange.

So! Da da DA! A deranged Santa traumatizes his niece and nephew all in the name of good, jolly fun! (Wendy was really just playing along.)

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Linc thinks, "This is Santa? Golly, jolly stockin' of crazy."
On a sentimental note, because I am sentimental about my brothers as I love them so much, Walker would truly make a fantastic Santa Clause because he is so light-hearted, so fun, and is truly a kind and giving soul.
And Mrs. Claus is a doll, whose table spread for this party, by the way, was the stuff Christmas Eve dreams are made of. Bean and corn salsa, a delectable shrimp salad, soft confectioned chocolate brownie cookies, spiked drinks, drooling.
I took a seat beside Ole St. Nick and asked him for "a write-off on my medical bills, in fact, better yet, to go ahead and take the stones out of my kidneys and give them in lieu of lumps of coal to all of the mean people who bang our cars with their car doors, who won't let you over when you desperately need over!, and for all of those little devils that sit on our shoulders during the holidays and whisper, "Go ahead. Another plate of stuffing and rolls won't kill ya."
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He said in a stupor, "Bleh," and I struck a pose and wondered if he'd notice my snatching his wine. Why not?
Darling Birthday Girl...
Darling FAMILY!
They say Mags is my mini-me. I agree. My kids are both mini-Jameses.
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I grabbed me some M.E. and can relate to her, as well, as she is now the middle child, as I am.
Got some lovins' from my Ike too!
Ben, the newest addition to our ever- growing family!
Linc and another tyke his age shuffled about each other, babbling this and that and grabbing this and that....
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Cutting the cake later on...
Shep outside, deeply involved in an outdoor fantasy of some kind...
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And here, bonding with his first cousin...
Lincoln and Winston.
Dress ups hanging in the play room~
My boofa...
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Earlier on, at the party, Wendy, instead of following the other kids, hid out in this tent, in their play room to color and create art with stickers! Sometimes she's in the mood to work alone. Looking everywhere for her, I finally heard her small voice, and found my baby girl here...
Making sure nobody comes and infringes on her me-time...
Finding out Santa is going to be paying a visit for the birthday girl and her guests!
Oh, the joy!
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Here's my bro when he first emerged as the bearded mystery man. I love the sheer glee on his girls' faces!
Then! I saw Mama kissing Santa Claus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Making sure he'll fit Christmas morn...actually, lighting the fire.
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Look how Ben looks up at his pretty mommy here...
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These girls are so close, and I am so delighted.
I love this look on Linc's face.
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