Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Gotta brag on my girl Nicole!"

My best friend, dating back to 1997, Texas A & M University, sharing with me an institutional-looking, square cell of a dorm room, and bonding over Ramen noodles, and later, wine coolers, has been promoted to the top managing position over the entire concrete/cement COMPANY of Zachry Construction!!! I am sooooooo PROUD OF HER! GO NICKI! She absolutely loves her work, and does so well, and her dream has come true, and I'm her cheerleader! WHOOP! With this company, she has worked abroad, in Ecuador and China, and her experience and finesse has landed her position---through the merit of her dedication and awesomeness!

Our News

Last Sunday, Wendy finally started crawling the RIGHT way! YAY! She's cutting her two front teeth, one's already emerging, and she's saying "uh oh" when she drops things. She's not napping so well lately. I'm kinda giving up for now. Mommy's tired, but taking long walks helps me stay awake, and keeps her entertained.

We're keeping so busy as a family. We took Pastor McGowan (of Calvary Baptist Church) and his wife to lunch Sunday, this Saturday we're having James' friend, Rob, his wife and their kids over for dinner. In July, I'll be helping out with VBS, and then after our August trip home to Texas, we plan to see Sproul and then help out Pat Roach and Jason Little however we can as they make their great move with their families! Oh, we've also been trying SO hard, in vain, to sell our Civic and F-150 and get a used Odyssey and a little zipper for James to get to and from the bus depot in the mornings. Dealerships are tough. We've walked out of two. Please pray for us. It's fun, negotiating, but stressful too of course, and always disappointing. Here are some pictures---Frustrated James at the dealership, our little trumpet-player, at McDonalds, and in MY blue dress!

Lots of Love!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fathers' Day

I'm getting a bit out of order again...Here is a shot of Daddy with his girl on Fathers' Day. Awwww....Daddy had just gone for a jog, that's why he's kinda wet.

Fun Play Date!

Wendy and I went to see Hayden and Leslie yesterday, and boy, er, girl, did we have fun! We visited at their house, strolled through the garden, and enjoyed the swing way up high in the sky! I cannot believe how big and healthy and darling Hayden is! Now I think the girls are starting to look more and more alike! They could be cousins!

My Girl Likes Doll Houses!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wendy is 9 Months Old Today!

Our little girl is already nine mos.! No way! She'll be 1 before we know it!

Celebrating Eric and Shaunna!

We recently found out our good friends, Eric and Shaunna, are expecting! So, I went out and got decorations, made dinner (had planned on my mom's sour cream pork chops, then remembered it's a no-no meat for pregnant gals--made a chicken dish instead), and we all had a marvelous time. Then we played the second game of Settlers of Catan. We LOVE that game!

Mom T's Up-Do!

Practiced James' mother's hair for James' sister, Tiffany's wedding next Spring!

And Wendy had a great time too!

It may have been 2 glorious weeks of fun for Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Dad, but it was fun for the "Woo Loo" too! Here are some shots of her in her "fort" Mommy made, at the mall with her boyfriend, Eli, swimming with Anna Marie, watching her daddy play softball, etc!

Mt. St. Helen ----Johnson Ridge Observatory

Here are some breathtaking shots of the blown-up side of Mt. St. Helen!

Roses, Roses, Roses! Ah! Smell them!

Roses are in bloom at the rose gardens! So vibrant and amazing. We strolled throughout, snapping pics like it was nobody's business (but ours). Ha! Afterwards, we hiked up the trails of Washington Park!

Leavenworth Weekend!

We had a fabulous weekend in the quaint Bavarian town of Leavenworth! We enjoyed our first dinner in my favorite underground Tavern. German wine is the best! So tasty! Then, on our way out, we stopped at the 59er Diner off HW2. So fun! As we continued on toward Seattle, we rode the ferry across Peuget Sound (sp?) and stopped in at Port Gamble.

Babysitting Next Door and Visiting Silver Falls

Aren't these two kids adorable?! They're my next-door neighbor, Colleen's, kids. She went out with her husband, Troy, for a date, and James and I got to play with Anna Marie and Cole while J's folks watched Wendy over here. Also posted on this entry are photos from our visit to Silver Falls!

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Rhododendron Garden!

After visiting the rhododendron garden, Wendy Lynn enjoyed some corn on the cob with her three bottom teeth in Daddy's lap!