Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wendy...or Narcissus?

Girls, you know how you just FEEL prettier when you wear a new flashy outfit? Well, I think Wendy got a case of the "I feel pretties" when she pranced around in her new hot pink leopard print outfit!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A bit of something CURLY!

James' hair is curly when it grows out...soooo?

She colors my life.

I love it when she is just so dang-darn sweet and cute for us! She knows all of her colors now, and loves to describe her things as "yeyow ducky,""boo boat,""re-dah bawoon,""pul-pul gapes,""geen fwoggie,""pink bacelet," etc.

Easter Fun

Saturday was Wendy's first egg hunt, but I didn't take a good picture of it because I was busy videotaping! Our church stuffed 5,000 eggs for the hunt, which was a community outreach. We got eggs from Dollar Tree, and wrapped candies, and others brought tons of eggs and treats. It was sooo neat-o. Sunday we went to church, and that was all because we're all sick with colds. Icky-poo. Here are some sweet photos of our girl discovering her Easter basket!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Girl's gotta dance!


Wendy loves lemons and calls her favorite juice "OMINADE!" At a restaurant, she was SOOOOOOO ecstatic to have some, can you tell?

Wendy likes boys.

My Friend's Elizabeth Mabel

Me and my friend, Luz Maria, and her baby girl at her husband's birthday party! She is soooooo cute and has dimples under the corners of her baby girl smile!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Last Night and Today

Okay, so first, last night we took our girl with us to dinner. She's sitting next to Daddy on a soft puffy and SLICK bench behind the table. His arm was around her but she must've thrust herself forward, because she slid underneath, with feet on floor, hands gripping table edge and head looking up at Daddy, and she goes, "CHAIR!!!!!" James never laughed so hard. Today was her 18 mos. well child exam---weight is 23 lbs, 10 oz (45%), height is 33 1/2 (92%), and head is 47 1/2 cm (75%). She's tall, what in the WORLD?!?!?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hi, My name is Laurel, and I'm a bow addict.

Have you mothers of daughters out there noticed that YOU CANNOT BUY BOWS????? Yeah, so I make 'em for the Woo Loo, and my mom, (thank you!), buys me lots of pretty ribbons and supplies with which to make 'em for the Woo Loo's hair sprockets. Otherwise, certain elderly gentlemen would STILL call her "buddy."

Buka BUKA!

~~~Just waking from a nappy-poo.

We love her so!

I can't believe how my girl has grown. Already 1 1/2! She's doing and saying the cutest things these days, and even says, "FUNny!," when Daddy tickles her or she sees something funny! When we pray with her or in front of her, if she thinks we're going on too long she says, "AAAA-men!" And she knows that when we say, "In Jesus' name," it's time to say "AAAA-men." The other night, we finished her night routine, placed her in her crib and looked down at our child with loving smiles, and she looked up at James and me and said, "HI Mommy! HI Daddy" and blew us a kiss! "MA!"

So Sweet

Wendy's learning to take care of dolls and little animals, so here she is on a stroll with her twins and giving Turtle a drink!

Friday, March 14, 2008

"Oh how I love my Pooh Bear!"

Daddy and Me

Hit it! You can do it!

At a Hope Portland party!


I set my glass of red wine down for a second while James was keeping his eye on the Woo Loo, but she was FAST, grabbed my pretty glass and spilt the merlot all over herself...and everything else. I didn't need the calories that night anyhow.

Uh Oh. Sorry, James.

James purchases his "man chair," since he is a daddy now, and, well, it aint so much his chair. It's become WENDY'S chair! She thinks all that shopping and talking about a chair was for HER it seems!

Loves "Eat Houses" like her cousin, Shepherd!

Baby's Baby-Mama

An Eye on the Future

Trying my hand at photography...

Zoom in closely---it's really gross but cool at the same time! Taken in my backyard!

First Family Portrait