Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to School Now...and Back Then

Wendy started 3rd grade Monday, and boy howdy, does time fly.  I remember dropping tears when I took her into Joyful Learning preschool, when she was three, I believe.  It felt like she was just blossoming into her own little person, and she was indeed so independent.  Now, she stands so tall and leggy and ready to blaze her own trail.  We loaded up on new duds, tennis shoes, a new backpack, supplies from the lists, of course, and with a great big smile, she dashed into the horizon, littered with chatty kids! 
Fifty six years ago, another girl, roughly the same age, attended the 3rd grade.  With her head held high, super-tightly braided hair and perhaps super short bangs, she wore a special, custom-made dress (because like Wendy, she was too tall for a size 8 but too slender for a size 10!) 
Below, Wendy wearing her Mimi's girlhood dress, yes, worn by my mom! 
My nieces have had their pics taken in it as well, and it's fun to see how it fits each girl uniquely.  And oh, how fashions have changed, along with the world. 
I thought to myself, "Time flies," after seeing my firstborn off to her first day of the school year, but I wonder how those two words resonate with my mom, who gazes at her granddaughters wearing her dress from an era past, an era remembered and an era we all idealize. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Few Highlights

As I've lamented before, I'm so unimaginably far behind with this blog, there is no way I could truly catch up, and post all of the blog-worthy pics I have saved on our external hard drive. I bet we've stored thousands since my blog was last thoroughly updated. There have been accomplishments, celebrations, experiences, cute moments, etc, etc, but the best I can do is try to catch up occasionally with some of the highlights! Man, I used to be on top of this, and I value it as a recording of your lives for you three to one day enjoy, for your future spouses, your future kids! For your father and I to REMEMBER! But, I don't want it to be an idol. You know, blogging is a funny thing. I'm sure Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are as well! I don't do the other social media for various reasons, but this blog began as a way to keep our families updated when we lived out of state. It's an outlet for me. It's fun! But as with the other forms of expression, it isn't the whole story. Life has hard times, too, and boring times, ha! So even an "updated blog" may not share all of life---no, not even close! But it's a sort of sampling of times upon which I choose to reflect. 
Below, for example, was a super blessed event, Wendy's end-of-school talent show!  Wendy performed Frozen's Do You Want to Build a Snowman!  Click the link to see Wendy's performance.  She did very well, and it was a great experience for her.  Below the link, she is standing beside a classmate who sang Frozen's Let It Go!

Now, behold Wendy's baptism portrait above Alice's.  Similar, yes?  Alice's baptism went very well, we had a party at our home after the service, and again, we felt blessed.  It was a joyous occasion! 

And below, "Aunt Katie's" baby shower!  Oh, how thrilled we all are as we anticipate holding her lil' man!  It can't happen soon enough for me!
Alice at the shower!


Monday, August 18, 2014

An Apology to Alice

Dear Beloved Alice, also known to me as "Ally Boo,"
Daddy always wanted an Ally.  When he agreed to the name Alice, I'm sure he knew what would occur!  You are my Ally Boo, and oh, how I love you--all of you! 
I am so sorry if you someday notice that there are not quite as many posts, on this blog, about you---as there were about your big sis, Wendy, or big bro, Linc.  You see (you may someday very well know!), I now have THREE kids, and blogging is so much more difficult to do.  I am busy-busy with the work of loving and ENJOYING all three of you to bits and bits!  I spend my waking hours nurturing, entertaining, LEARNING, always, new things about motherhood, and just soaking up y'all's "luvins!"  So, there are indeed far fewer posts.  We are still, because I am still, a get-out-of-the-house type of family, so we go-go, meet, greet, and have oodles of fun, and I just don't have the time or energy left over to document each and every event of your lives.  But oh, we are living it! 
I AM keeping up with your baby book.  I just ordered some pics for it!  You are every bit as wondrously amazing as your big sis and big bro, and for that, I am eternally aware of how blessed I am, as your mother.  You turned five months yesterday and, sigh, I just am in total awe of you, as a little person so filled to your brim with personality and charm. 
You're EASY!  Easy going #3!  Conventional, beautiful, girly.  You LIGHT UP with a HUGE gummy smile when Wendy or Linc enter your field of vision.  You probably just live to interact with them!  You nurse like a champ and the rolls are glorious.  I snuggle and adore you daily and nightly.  BUT!  You now sleep so well, I go in to you at 5 am just to feed and change you to ensure you continue to flourish. 
(I just had to holler at bro and sis to be quiet as you're now napping!  Linc just asked me to play with him in the tent Daddy set up in our dining room, and I had to explain that I'm trying to blog!) 
Big Sis and Big Bro were just in a wedding on Daddy's side of the family.  I think I'll see if I remember how to post pics!
Okay!  We're in business!  I succeeded.  Okay, Alice, I am very heavy for me right now.  I take after the heavier fam members so I had to purchase a much-too-spacious dress for short, 5'4 me.  But Daddy's cousin's wedding was cocktail attire, so I found this little number, and I think it was about as cute as it could be on someone of my stature and build.  I flat-ironed Wendy's hair, as her hair was curly for Paisley's wedding, and it's a very becoming length for her face shape!  Okay, now let me try to attach another pic of you!
Ahhh....there we go.  So, as you can see, you're the cat's meow!  Daddy is enamored with you, too.  As you can tell.  Wanna see how Wendy and Linc did in Mr. Wesley's wedding?  Alrighty, I bet I can attach another pic!  (I am SOO rusty!)
Yay!!!  I'm on a roll!  AND!  It's not taking so long!!!!  I just clicked "save" cuz I SO don't want to lose this work I've put into this post!  Let's see what else I can conjure up from the immense abyss of stored photos I have!  At this point, I have NO idea what I'll find and what I'll write about, but hey, I'm gonna keep on going cuz you're napping, Sister is busy wrapping a present for Daddy's birthday tomorrow, and Linc's in the tent, playing with a toy castle!  Oh no!  I hear a kazoo!  I gotta hurry, right?! 
Above, Aunt Tiffany absorbing some of your cuddle-factor.  Oh, she has two cuddle bug-ettes of her own, my beloved nieces, Elly Anne and Enly Rose, who are so incredibly James/Tiffany-like as well!!!  I mean it, these Tanneberger genes totally trump my Dollahon genes in the external aspect!!!
Oh golly, okay, so here's your dad.  I am so in love with him.  He's the very best father and husband.  It'll be hard to ensure you girls marry guys like your ole' man!  But I understand that God is sovereign, and it is HIS design, not mine, that is at work.  He was at work when He united the two of us after all!  Your husband may be different, but I imagine he'll be wonderful as well!
Linc--thank his Creator, he's got his father's temperament so he's a great catch-in-the-making!  A good soul.  I love m' boy, your brother who ADORES you, Ally Boo!  Seriously!  Never a jealous moment, even though he was my baby until you were born!  He pets your head often and with a gentle zealousness.  Your fuzzy head is HIS to pet, as far as HE is concerned!!! 
Look, I mean, who wouldn't want to cherish this cuteness forever?! 
Miss Wendy and Miss Elly, party mode!
Alrighty then, I am forced to wrap this up.  Got a doctor's appointment and kids to get ready.  Love you, my Ally Boo...