Friday, June 16, 2006

A Fun Glimpse of Nugget!!!

Here is our girl, or boy! The ultrasound technology blurs the features somewhat, but this is still my favorite shot. Looks like James' mouth, nose and jaw!

Ordinary Days and Nightly Adventures

Well, since moving day, Feb. 2nd, James and I have been settling into life here on the west coast, and we're truly enjoying ordinary Oregon days sprinkled with new discoveries everywhere. Here's a photo of James, on an ordinary day! Isn't he serious? And here's a not-so-ordinary night, when he surprised me with dinner at a top-rated restaurant he'd heard about!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Our First Two Babies

Our family's blog would not be complete without a few photos of our girls...

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

About a month ago we made it out to the Portland Zoo, which turned out to be a great idea because unlike other zoos, this zoo provides many up-close animal-viewing opportunities. In addition to seeing the animal in its environment outside, one can take steps down below and see the creature in its retreat!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rose Mania, June 10th and 11th

James and I shared a fantastic day with friends Leslie and Jeremy at the Rose Parade yesterday! We walked the bridge that arched over the waters containing huge, impressive military vessels on display for this special occasion! We then took our spots on the curb, beside fellow parade-ooglers and with shaved ice and yakisoba in hand, awaited a spectacular stream of marching bands, floats, and performers! We enjoyed the sounds of bagpipes, soulful vocalists, and bright shining instruments. We watched with astonishment as acrobats hung from bars and swings on moving floats. We "oohed" and "aahed" at the two motorcyclists encircling the inside of a woven metal orb. Following this rather lengthy parade, was our tour of Saturday Market! Such a variety of crafts, jewelry and more for sale by the artists themselves! I would have liked to have gone home with a bunch of loot, but we'll have to wait until next time to get James' yard art and my glass bead necklace! Today, James and I continued our pursuit of the roses with a trip to the famous Rose Garden! Surrounded by lots of foreign tourists, we zoomed in on some of the most impressive buds and hope you like our pictures!

Trip to Astoria and Candy Land

One of the earlier excursions, with my hubby, was to an old house that's been converted into a sort of fantasy candy land! Inside is a candy shop complete with fudge, cookies and the like, a toy shop, and one can partake of pastries with lunch in an upstairs pegasus-themed room! We had passed it one night on the way to the pharmacy, and I'd told James, "We HAVE to go there!" I've got some photos here for you to see, and also one of James by the sign in Astoria. Astoria is where they filmed The Goonies. It was like it is in the movie, but the seafood restaurants were disappointing...

Night of Arrival, Houston, May 25th

Tonight we flew into H-town and my mama ran toward us with a great big, happy-to-see-us smile on her face! We rushed out to my daddy, who was waiting for us in his big ole truck, and we headed out to University Place, where my grandmama lives! We were greeted by my grandmama, Aunt Karen and Uncle Dan and their three boys, Devon, Wesley and Victor, my brother Walker and his wife, Missy, and their three kids, Shep, Eva Rose and Maggie, my brother Sean and his wife, Stephanie, who is 2 mos. ahead of me in her pregnancy, family friend Suzon and her friend, Ron. Pizza was delivered while I talked pregnancy with Stephanie and Missy (gee, I wonder why?), and then my mom came into the room with a container of delicious spice cupcakes with penuche icing, topped with little blue and pink rocking horses! She's so darling! It was great fun to be with my family again, and it was sad to have to leave.

James' Mom's Retirement Party

May 27th---A very large and loving crowd showed up at Mom and Dad Tanneberger's land for my mother-in-law, Sharon's retirement bash! A fantastic time was had by all! We enjoyed fabulous food, a hay ride, and catching up with Texas friends and family. Mom T was a cute party girl, running behind the hay ride and jumping up to join us! The land was decorated brightly, and the pavilion was finished just in time, the afternoon before the party! The cabin was filled and surrounded by groups of people catching with drinks in hand, and the fire was, as always, a gathering place for the men. I got to catch up with my best friend, Nicole, and all was right with the world!

La Vernia, Texas Baby Shower, May 28th

Well, we had such a great time at our La Vernia baby shower! James' mother and sister hosted a lovely, ducky-themed gathering at the Lutheran Church's Parish Hall. Many ladies, friends and family, filled the room, as did the chatter and laughter. There were many special touches here and there, felt ducky purses filled with chocolate "nuggets" hanging from tree center pieces, ducky this and ducky that. I was tickled pink! Or blue! I don't know! We played a guessing game in which guests guessed our baby's gender. More think it's a girl! James, his mother and grandmother all hope for a girl. (I'll have to edit this out if we have a boy who is later old enough to read this and gets his feelings hurt!)

Tulip Farm, Mid/Late April-ish

The trouble with a camera sans date feature, and posting late, is, well, an unclear date! So, looking back, sometime around the 22nd of April, we visited the Tulip Farm! James had pointed to roadside tulips from his driver's window for some time, so we decided to head out to see them in abundance! It was later in the day, it was greyish outside, and it was drizzly, but we still managed to capture some of these perky petals! Enjoy our snapshots!

As 2 Become 3...

Well, today, June 13th, we had our 28th week appointment with Dr. Lin. I was SHOCKED to discover that my weight jumped up 15 lbs. in 6 weeks!!!!!! Especially when I've been so good about walking! Well, no more junk. Healthy eating only from here on out! Nugget is kicking and the other day, James SAW my belly pop all over the place! I'm starting my 3rd trimester now, so I'm really excited. We move into our house later this month, around the 24th, and I can't wait to set up the nursery with my mom's help! And of course, I am so impatient to meet my child!