Saturday, August 30, 2008

Houston Trip

"We've...had the time of our lives!"
It's been a fantastic trip so far for the two of us gals, although we miss James a bunch. I didn't bring my camera, so these were taken by my dad. I won't be able to take pics of my trip to La Vernia (we head that way tomorrow), but I'll be sure to journal about it once I return home to Vancouver. Okay, so these days here in Houston have been all about reuniting with family and friends. First, I ADORE my new niece, Mary Ellen! She's amazingly cuddly and pretty as pie! I am in love. She curled up on my chest, the way I wish Wendy would have. I hope I get a cuddly one someday. Wendy's spent quality time with her great grandmother, Ruth, Aunt Karen (who MADE that fab. birthday cake for her!), Uncle Dan, Aunt Missy, Silly Uncle Walker, Aunt Stephanie, Uncle Sean and all of the cousins including "boy scouts" Devon, Wesley and Victor, Shepherd, Eva Rose, Maggie, Ike, Hattie, oh, and cousin Luke too, whose birthday party we'll attend this evening! So, Wendy's birthday party here was oh so fun. Sweet Katie gifted the gal with oodles of fun clothes! Wendy and the kids all ran around with water guns, Strawberry Shortcake sunglasses and candy necklaces. We adults ate gobs of pizza, cake, etc. Lots of catching up and lots of leisure. We girls were up to other things as well, like play dates with cousin Hattie, I went to the Outback Steakhouse with Katie, got to watch her take glorious baby pics of Mary Ellen, etc, etc, etc. I am gonna miss everyone here. That is certain....Boo hoooooo!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mary Ellen is the Newest Star!

Mary Ellen was born to my brother, Sean, and his beautiful wife, Stephanie, a few days ago, and she is so precious and so lovely, and I just can't wait to hold her in my own arms when Wendy and I go home to see my family in two days! As soon as our friend, Katie, shoots her debut modeling session, I'm gonna get me a picture for our celebrity wall (below). I still needs pics of some of my girlfriends' kiddos, but I've quite a collection already! Wendy knows all of these little critters by name and loves them each. I am so glad I finally figured out how to post this picture of Mary Ellen onto my blogspot from the e-mail I'd received. I had to try different ways, but here she is!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Early School Lessons

Today Wendy drew a "W" and then proudly announced, "double U!" She knows most of her alphabet (not in order, not the song except "abcd"), but she knows most of the letters. She also knows star, heart, and triangle for sure. What kills me though is that girlfriend's actually got a sense of direction, and it's clear that she does, and I SO do not! We were driving to IHOP, but it's close to Cafe Sip N' Play, so she said, "Going to Sip N' PLAY!" So, we did of course take her. Then, while walking on the OTHER side of our neighborhood, we were even with my girlfriend, Lisa's, house, and Wendy insisted, "Go to Lisa's HOUSE!" The houses in our hood all kind of look the same, so it just amazes me that she is aware of particulars spacially. She must get that from my father and James' father, who both have excellent senses of direction. My dad was a navigator for the Navy, so I guessed it skipped my generation and nabbed the Woo Loo. Yoo HOO! It was so funny. While reading to her on the couch, we had her soft pink blanky on our laps, and she goes, "I'm so cozy!"

Above is Wendy's "W." It was the first thing she drew, then she scribbled around it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Katie is awesome.

Katie did it again. She broke her own record of making the world's dang-darn cutest invitations! This is Wendy's for her 2nd birthday party!

Ribbon Tree

I made this, not long ago, for Wendy's Big-Girl Room. Her colors will be pink and green, as you can see. When I was a little girl growing up in Japan, my mom took me to a warehouse where they were selling Chinese rugs. She and I selected one for my room. It was in my room for 20 plus years. Never had been professionally cleaned. So, James took it to Ateah (sp?) Brothers, and we discovered that the flowers are a lovely vibrant pink and green, so we got bedding at IKEA, a toddler bed yet to be assembled, and will paint the walls green. The wall display will be a surprise. I'll post pictures of it when it's done.

Some days are more exciting than others!

Just catching up, here are some fun shots from Wendy's neighbor-friend, Ava's, 2nd birthday party (she's the one in the dress), and yesterday's Mommy and Wendy trip to OMSI (museum with fabulous kid-play areas). Some days are just more exciting than others!~~~~~~~~In this first shot, Rowan and Ava were arguing over who would push Wendy, but Wendy didn't care cuz she was being pushed!
We have a lot of neighbors with kids around Wendy's age, so we hope for a good fun turnout at Wendy's party this year.
See, I'm not lying!
There are three children in this swimming pool of balls. Can you find them?

Wendy playing at the water activity stations.
Wendy making a "rhino" with playdough.

I got me a wild one!

When I ask Wendy to smile for the camera, this is what she does. Silly girl.

We have a doll-player.

Yuppers, we do indeed have a doll-player. She loves to set up her "dolly dolls" and gather up play food and bowls with spoons, and watch them picnic. She also loves to wrap them in blankets, or napkins (at restaurants), and put them down for naps. But lately, her number one thing to do with her dolly dolls is put them in time out and make them say they're sorry. Funny girl. She's growing up so fast. She's talking well, in full sentences. She's using words appropriately, words I didn't even know she knows! Daddy asked her if she wanted to go with him to the park last night, and of course she did, so he told her to get her shoes. She runs into the kitchen looking for them, returns without them and says to me, "Where are my shoes? I need my shoes!" She found Pooh's red shirt in our toy basket, so she brought it over to me and said, "I found Pooh Bear's shirt in basket!" If she doesn't like something she tastes, she spits it out (lovely) and says, "I don't LIKE it! Green bean bye bye!" and hands it to me along with the "yucky messies" she rubs off her face and wipes on my hand. She's getting hard to manage though. These last 4 days she's been whiney. Will not wait in lines well, cries, screams and has zero patience. Ugh, wears me out! But she's more loving and huggy too. So, I guess it's an ever-surprising evolution. We love her so.

Monday, August 04, 2008

"Wendy's First Love"

Yes, she really, truly does love Daddy this much.

This series was snapped at our favorite Portland Thai restaurant last night.