Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Home for the Holidays!!!!!!

So far, Wendy and I have had a fantastic time here at my folks' house! On the 15th, we went over to Aunt Karen and Uncle Dan's house for my dad's 58th birthday dinner! It was absolutely delicious. They're the best cooks! Pulled pork on homemade bread with a vinagrette (sp?), etc. It was fun to introduce Wendy to the family! Then, Sunday, we went to my brother, Walker, and my sis-in-law, Missy's, house to celebrate Maggie's 1st birthday! Since she is their "Christmas baby," it was a Christmas-themed party and my bro. was Santa! It was also such a pleasure to meet my cousin Christie's precious baby boy, Luke! Enjoy the shots!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Smile? I think I can!

No NO!

No NO! Please! Not another picture!

Watchin' TV

Aaaah...the simple pleasures. Like watching TV...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Dec. 8th Weekend Trip to Leavenworth

This last weekend we went to Leavenworth, a charming Bavarian town up in the mountains! It is A & E's #1 best holiday town! It felt like we were up in the Swiss Alps truly. It snowed non-stop, there were children sledding down the snowy hills, yodeling filled the crisp air through large speakers overhead, the aroma of bratwurst and sauekraut wafted through the busy streets, and tourists with funky hats shopped and shopped. The last evening was the lighting fest! All the shops turned on their holiday lights and the trees lit up! The town mayor prayed for our troups in Spanish and English, in Jesus' name, and wrapped up his speech with, "God bless the USA!" AMEN!

New Life in the Tanneberger Household

The title of this entry is New Life in the Tanneberger Household. I mean new life (Wendy) as well as James' and my "new life." Much less sleep, but a lot more, "Aaaaawww...Isn't she CUTE?!"
This evening, Dec. 7th, we took her back to the doc for the 3rd time, and yup, her ear infection is still at large. So back on antibiotics we go! Other than that she's great. She's a chub, she's creamy and looks like she was carved from a block of vanilla icecream, and she's cooing now and it's the best! I can't get enough of kissing her. Her daddy sings to her, "Always have to steal my kisses from you-ooo!" I often can't believe how blessed we are. Only thing is I'd be even happier if she'd sleep through the night! But then, if things were totally perfect, it wouldn't be real life! So, we're working on it. James and I have to take turns because I was soooo sleep deprived, he had to take off work one day to watch Wendy while I slept at a hotel! It was crazy!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in and outside the Tanneberger home also! Our tree is up and decorated, little do-da's are here and there, and outside, we are SO proud of our bush! It's covered in rainbow lights! It's the best bush on the block! We have to laugh cuz some folks go all out, and we have our bush. It really is cute.
James' job is going well, I'm keeping busy with Wendy, and we'll be home (Texas) for Christmas. I think my mom is going to help me try to sleep-train Wendy, now that she's 3 mos. and over 13 pounds. We'll see how that goes. :)
We're really looking forward to seeing family and friends, and to catch up on THEIR lives!
I'm super exhausted now, and James has "Camp Wendy" tonight, so goodnight, God bless, and a big sloppy SMOOCH from Vancouver Washington! And now some photos from her birth week to present!

Family Photo with Santa!

Our family's photo with Santa....

Having Fun Babysitting!

While babysitting 2-year-old Anna Marie for my next door neighbor, Colleen, I threw Wendy up on the chair with her and "a few other friends."

Wendy's Baptism

Wendy had her beautiful baptism in the Lord on November 26th. She did so well but did fuss a bit when the chilly water got her! We were so happy to witness this holy sacrament on this special day. A reception at our house followed. Church friends and neighbors snacked on CostCo sandwiches and tequitos and visited. So memorable!

Thanksgiving Weekend

Wow, we had a very busy Thanksgiving weekend! First, we had Leslie and Jeremy over for an intimate Thanksgiving dinner! I made a turkey breast, cranberry stuffing and my grandmother's brown sugar-glazed cooked carrots. Leslie brought two delicious casseroles and pumpkin cheesecake! We had a wonderful time. The next day we headed out to join our friends, Dee-Anna and Scott, their three kids, and some single friends of theirs, at a cabin up in the snowy mountains! We hiked a 2-mile underground cave! Wendy and I suffered the worst of our colds up there, so we headed home early to get rest and get ready for Wendy's baptism!

Sternwheeler Afternoon!

For our anniv., we took Wendy with us for a ride down the Columbia River on the Sternwheeler! Included was a champagne brunch! What a lovely time we had.