Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beating the Heat

We've had Texas heat here the past few days, but we're finding ways to survive. Today I'm going to take Wendy to the movie theater to see Up or some other kid flick! I've never taken her to the movies, so we'll see how she likes it! I think the popcorn will entertain her if nothing else. Following are pics from our friends' yard, and fun in our own yard, and there's also one here of her "hair extension." So beautiful! Ha ha.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Catching Up

These pics aren't in the right order, but are still somewhat recent, so first, we took Wendy to Sand in the City, an event sponsored by James' work, and Wendy had quite a bit of fun playing in the wet sand. She was a tad tired though.
Now, THIS is a snowcone! One of my very first cravings with Kibble.

We went swimming one day with Colleen, Anna and Cole. Wendy and I got a lot of sun. I covered her in protective lotion, but failed to get my own back, which is still red!!!

Before Frank and Becky Kay moved on, we got to see them one last time. We enjoyed Mexican food and good conversation. Becky's and my hands are the same size. We both have short hands.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Her First Hair Dilemma

Our little girl is far prettier than Jeff Daniels, but we've got a seriously disturbing phenomenon going on...

So, I'm going to take votes--Do we cut it or do we just grow all of it out?!

Funny Child

So, the other day, I was watching Wendy play in the tub. I was slouching against the bathroom door, under fluorescent lights, on the cold linoleum, just trying to keep her company but very groggy. Don't worry! I could not possibly have fallen asleep with those uncomfortable circumstances, but I did close my eyes here and there as I listened to her chirping, giddily interacting with her ducky, bath tub dolly and other "friends." Then she noticed my eyes. I opened them and closed them, just trying to fight off the fatigue of this severely debilitating pregnancy. And she said, and I promise this is true, all of it, in a soft, deliberate tone, "Open your eyes." So I did. "Close your eyes." So I did. Several times. Then she said, "Close your eyes. 1-2-3-4-Now go to sleep." SHE WAS TRYING TO HYPNOTIZE ME! Now, where on Earth did she learn that mantra?!?!?! I was so surprised. She says the cutest things these days. And at a buffet, she mixed her sorbet with vanilla ice cream and nuts, and I asked her about it, and she said, "I'm the COOKER MAN! I'm making you Brumbleberry PIE! It's DELICIOUS!" When I'm nauseous, as I was two nights ago, getting up twice in the middle of the night to get sick, she says, "Mommy? Are you not happy?" I say, "I am, Honey. It's just that sometimes I don't feel very well because I have the baby in my tummy." Then, if I pep up later and she can tell I've improved, she asks, "Mommy, did you take the baby out of your tummy?!" Reasonable question, I suppose. If she spills milk on her top, she laments, "Oh DEAR! I'm messy! I'm not beautiful ANY more!" If she spills water on herself, she says what I've taught her, "I spilled water but don't worry! It will AIR DRY!" Her hair is still "scrambled eggs," as my mom accurately describes it, and I think I'm going to let her bangs grow out, but before I comb it back into a "do," she looks like Harry from Dumb and Dumber. James studies her in the morning and asks, "Laurel, should we get her hair cut?," but we can't because she still has a mullet of sorts. The side hair is still so wispy and short, what style could they give her other than a chili bowl? Then she'd look like Floyd from Dumb and Dumber. She's so cute though, and I like having enough to put up into loops with Fancy Nancy clips, so it's her "look" for now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last Night Etc.

Last night, my sweet James and I had a much-needed dinner out without the Woo Loo. It was a RELIEF, and there truly is no better word for it, RELIEF, to be able to eat slowly, complete thoughts and sentences, focus on each other and not have to be in a constant state of split interests. Wendy is more precious than ever, but she is demanding-demanding and it's tiresome, I have to admit. We sat outside of the Historic Reserve Restaurant and the weather was perfect. Our waiter, however, left something to be desired. We figured his problem was just that he has a terrible memory. After he brought my chicken, I waited at least 15 minutes for a fork and knife. We had to remind him twice for waters, twice for salt and pepper, and he forgot to use our coupon towards our bill. We still tipped him because he was very nice, but just, wow, terrible memory. And he was young! And it was slow! The crabcakes were frozen in the center, so we had to have them re-do them, but the food is AWESOME there, y'all! And it's so neat to be in this 150-year-old historic home. We discussed the baby (who is kicking me daily now--Yay God!), the future, and a baby moon perhaps 6 mos. after the birth of Kibble. We'd love to return to the same resourt in Mexico we enjoyed for our honeymoon. So, the first pic is the one I took of James, which I LOVE! Love the lighting and his precious face so much! And next, is the one of us, taken by the forgetful waitor. My face is getting rather fat now, but I'm just glad to have this Kibble kicking me, so that's a small, chubby sacrifice! The last pic is from the other day, when my relatives, Becky Kay and Frank drove through! Tonight they're heading our way again and we'll all go out to dinner. They've had a lot of fun out here and have yet to see more of this part of the country before returning to Texas.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Hysterical Pregnancy

Reflecting today. On irony. When I conceived my Wendy, I was 124 lbs, and in that first horrendous trimester, lost about 15 lbs, widdling me down to a puney 109 lb. waif. BUT! I had me a belly! I showed. That round little bump jumped out off my emaciated, sickly frame, and there was no denying someone was a'comin.' So, what do I immediately imagine when at a hearty 140 lbs, which drastically altars the appearance of a shorty like me, I finally become pregnant after 5 self-stuffing months of trying? I think, "Woah. Hmmmm, women show sooner with second babies, I wasn't sick during my last pregnancy (which didn't work out), so if I just go up from here, I'm gonna have me a belly like a prize-winning melon!" I was actually quite looking forward to looking obviously pregnant again. That's fun! I did get sick, at around 6/7 weeks, did lose about 12 pounds, but have gained some back and am able to eat fine now once the morning sickness (which now is truly mostly in the mornings)abates. I'm 15 working on 16 weeks. I am a bit soft, but don't really look pregnant to most people. In California, I really wanted to look it, so I wore only legit maternity tops with empire waists, and sitting in the car long spells, eating a lot, digestion slowing considerably, I think I looked more pregnant then than I do now. What's really freaky to me is that I'm in my second trimester and folks tell me I DON'T LOOK PREGNANT! Conversations go like this, "Laurel! I hear you're expecting! How far along are you?" Eyes scanning me for evidence. "Umm, Christmas time. Yeah." "You don't LOOK pregnant." Then, I get this aweful feeling. I actually feel like I'm lying! I know, crazy, right?! I have heard of "hysterical pregnancy," which is when a woman believes she is pregnant and has some manifestations of the "condition," but truly, she isn't at all. It's a wishful thinking sort of psychosis. You know how when you are suspected of something, and you're innocent, you sometimes feel guilty and want to run away? Well, NOT that anyone doubts me (I acknowledge myself that when I wear my regular clothes (Yes, they still fit!), I look the same as I did back in March.) I have friends with the cutest, ROUNDEST protrusions, and they're each about a week ahead of me. What's going on with Kibble?!, I have asked myself! I saw the nurse about a week and a half ago to make sure everything was alright. She found the heart beat. 150. Felt the fundus. Was where it should be. Phew! Okay, so he/she's in there! Last Monday I saw my doctor and she, too, found that little heart a'beating away. Crazy thing is that there seems to be so little change on the outside. I find this so vexing! I keep thinking of the country song, "It's be itty bitty!", and how it applies to Kibble. I guess it just goes to show, that you cannot assume ANYTHING will be typical, even when it's you! Typical for you can change, I guess! I think I'll snatch a fake belly from Motherhood Maternity's dressing room and strap it on when I'm fixin' to see someone I haven't seen in a while. No, really, it's not upsetting to me now that I have been assured and reassured that all is well. It's just so WEIRD!!!!!! Isn't it?!??!?!?!?!?!? WEIRD.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Our Trip to California!

These aren't in order, of course, because I'm doing this and I'm scatter-brained, especially now in my second trimester! We had a fantastic trip to California for Scott and Kim's wedding! On the way, we stopped at this roadside shop, It's A Burl, and admired the most incredible handcrafted wooden treasures...

Wendy did quite well during the driving days, although at times, she was quite demanding and chatty!

During the course of the vacation, ANY park we saw, of course we took full advantage and tried to get her toddler energy out before another stretch of driving!

On the way HOME, yes, these are WAY OUT of order, we stopped by the Jelly Belly Factory because our other fieldtrip had been Alcatraz and we wanted something up-beat this time!

We ate twice at Black Bear Restaurant, and Wendy loved the "Greeter Bear!"

A giant Redwood. I didn't know there are so many redwood forests bordering us and California.

Golden Gate Bridge. Kind of creeped me out because of a special I saw this year...

On the boat to Alcatraz...Man was it winding-cold!

I put my wool coat on the Woo Loo because hers was tucked in Daddy's bag when we split up for a while.

After playing in the water outside in sunny, HOT AND DRY California.

On a dragon in San Fransisco!

I don't LIKE sushi!

The other thing we did a lot of was get in the water!

Wendy loving on her "Tommy Friend" at the rehearsal.

And me, trying to contain a rowdy little squirmy girl...

Speaks for itself. How cute is THAT?

Wendy took a liking to Mr. Kyle during the reception. They were adorable together!

I went ga-ga over the bride's gown and her bridesmaids' dresses!

With Mr. Kyle again. Of course!


The New Couple, and the last two are of a little girl and her father, who will one day have to give her away.