Monday, November 19, 2007

To the Park

Before the weather turned so brutal, I took Woo Loo to the neighborhood park right around the corner from our house. She pushed her walker the whole way! I love the glow of the shot of her under the wood play structure boards. Wendy's been very darling and lovable lately. She kisses us on the mouth, legs, and feet a LOT. She actually makes the smacking smooching noises. She does this because we adore it and really encourage her with "Aww"s. Last night, she kissed James' socked foot at least 2 dozen times because we praised her so much. Don't worry. Clean socks. She snuggles more now too. James has taught her "tank tu" although she says it as she gives things to US as well! For a while now, she's known most of the animals EITHER by name or by the noise they make. Looking through a baby animal book, turning the pages, she will say, "Baaaaa" if she sees sheep, "arr arr" if she sees puppy dogs, "Mow" or "Kee Kaa" if she sees a cat, "DUCK-EE!" if she sees a duck, "RARR" if she sees a bear (or "Bay"), "Dee" for dear, and so on. She mimics singing too. So funny. If I clap my hands, she will. If I tilt my head from shoulder to shoulder, she will too as she makes sing-song noises!

Woo Loo

A little elfin lives in our house! I heard her making noises in our kitchen downstairs, and behold! Little elf wobbling 'round just a'grinnin' at me. Oh, and I love the one of her nearly falling backwards, but she corrected herself, as she often does, and kept on walking. Funny looking though, huh?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wendy Goes Nigh-Nigh!

Yes, Wendy's hair is crazy---Daddy had been playing "bull knocks the Woo Loo down!" game with her! She loves to be tucked in with a process of bottle, teeth brushed, change into pjs, story and prayer---and sometimes, just a little more playing around! She gets so CRAZY HAPPY!

Please don't hate me!

I really struggled, wondering if I should post these pictures, because they're gross, but oh-so-cute too! Yesterday, on our way to a get-together with friends, she got sick. We wound up going to Fred Meyer for a big box of wipes and a new outfit. I think I took too many turns driving or something. I felt sooo bad, but after she got sick, she felt great and gave me these precious, precious faces!

Dressed in her Sunday Church Dress!

Halloween Night!

My friend, Marilyn, and her darling girl, Autumn, came by to help us hand out candy! The girls, eating their din-din, and me with my neighbors, Tristen and Julie, and the girls, Wendy, Rowan and Ava...

Story Time at the Library with Tristen and Rowan!

Wendy WALKS!

On this day, a playdate with Hayden Noel, Wendy started WALKING walking!!! Oh what a marvelous event! Can't recall which day it was, but on October 23rd, Wendy had taken maybe 3 steps at Leslie's house, so Leslie and/or Hayden must be good providence charms for Wendy when it comes to her new-found walking spirit, because she took her first steps, and on this other day, really actually WALKED in their company!

Fall Party at Leslie and Jeremy's

Wendy was a cheetah, James was a mob gangsta, and I was Shilba Shetty of Baliwood. The party at our friends' house was lots of fun with good food, good company and lots of cute babies! There was a baby frog, octopus, bear, cheetah, cat, etc, and the one baby boy NOT dressed in a costume was "the zoo keeper!" Ha ha.