Saturday, October 24, 2009

Katie's Visit---Fantastic Memories!

Katie's visit was awesome! We were so blessed to enjoy her and lots of excursions! Below is Wendy with Katie at a pumpkin patch! A Mommy Elephant with her baby at the Portland Zoo!
Smoochy smoochy as the sun sets...

Daddy with Wendy as the sun began to retire (this was on our way up a bike path that overlooks a ton of...well, rocks that they break up and sell for landscaping.)
Katie trying her hand at silhoettes! Great job, Katie!
A cool tree on our way up to see Multnomah Falls.
Cape Horn.
Our Family at the Rose Garden.
A little play time at Laurel Hurst Park.
Zac at Roloff Farms!
Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach.
Lincoln's very first Halloween costume! lovely.
A silly girl who absolutely LOVES going to the dentist!
Enjoying the sand at Cannon Beach.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wendy's Very First Program! (Preschool)

She was one of three to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. When they were asked to return to their spots, she shouted to me, "Mommy! I sang a song at the microphone!" During much of the performance, she twirled around in her pretty dress. She also raised her hand when the students were asked who had an idea, and said, "I HAVE AN IDEA!" but then couldn't follow through with it, so a little boy shared his idea with everyone. I was all smiles!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Up-do's and Wendy's Life of Late!

Did the hair and make-up for my 16-yr-old neighbor for homecoming, and had a ball! Colleen brought all of her cosmetics, and her bling, and we made this sweetheart absolutely dazzling IF I do say so myself! Below these two pics is James assisting Wendy at her school trike-a-thon. She was the slowest peddler, but she had fun. Next thing, we all headed to the clinic so I could get a flu shot. Yuck. Next are two of Wendy's "school looks." Finally, the pumpkin we're growing in our backyard that just popped up--who knows how! Probably because we left our rotting pumpkin out there too long last year. Now it's twice this big. Fun!