Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ian is born!

On the 15th, James, Wendy and I went to the hospital in Portland to visit newborn Ian Eliot Lind, born the day before. He is a beautiful addition to a beautiful family. He's perfect. I believe he was 7 lbs 8 ozs. at birth. He has eye lids that remind me of Hayden's when she was itty bitty, and his own distinct yet perfect nose and a curly smile with what just might be little dimples or indentations at the corners of his mouth. I noticed this as he gave me a slight half-grin. He's adorable. Here are two pics I took!
Life is so amazing to me right now. I am awe-struck and so indescribably joyous over "The Miracle on the Hudson!" Thank you Lord Jesus for this awesome testament of your mercy and power to do the impossible!!! I will never forget this feat. This sheer, majestic triumph will never cease to fill me with wonder and thankfulness!~~~I am also so inspired by quotes that are filling my life at this time. I am impressed with Kate, of John and Kate Plus 8, as her allegiance and identity is bathed in the light of Jesus in her new book, which I am so thoroughly enjoying. She begins one chapter, the chapter in which she describes the start of her contractions at 28 weeks gestation with her sextuplets and the doctors' fears concerning certain prematurity with a scripture that moved me to tears:
Hebrews 12:1
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us!
This is so true of all of our lives in Him!
Driving past Fishers Landing Elementary School near my house, I read up on the marquee, "Hope without action is futile." So true.
My mother inspires me too. Her way of saying things is so pure and so true and she truly adds so much to my way of thinking and loving.
Hurray for baby boy Ian, for the blessing of his new life, and for every good thing of our Lord! Amen!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Fun Idea for All Ma' Home-Bloggahs!

At Julie's wedding, one of the groomsmen said that every year, they take a photo of their daughter in his wife's bridal gown. I thought that was so sweet as she will eventually grow into it! Isn't that PRECIOUS?? So, I challenge all those who take a look at my blogspot and who have a son or daughter, to take a photo of your little one in either your wedding dress, your husband's tux or suit (which you could keep even if it goes out of style, just to capture your son's evolving image in the thang!), or a prom dress or something special to you! THEN, post a comment below this post so that I can see who's done this, and who's (if any --please do this. It's FUN!) posted their pictures to their blogspot! Oh, goodie! I hope some of y'all do it!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Katie's Photos of The Girls!

Katie, my oh-so-fabulous friend in Houston, took these photos of Wendy Lynn and her cousin, Hattie Ruth, in my mom's backyard. She'd gotten the girls these matching T's. So precious. Wendy proposing, "Hattie Ruth, will you be my beloved cousin until death parts us?"
Hattie is my mom and Stephanie, and Wendy is James.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Blessed Love

December 27th, my dear friend of nearly 10 years married a wonderful man and lived happily ever after... My father took these portraits prior to their ceremony. I enhanced them on his computer.
Sharing a bottle of wine....
Meanwhile, we ladies enjoyed a little relaxation at the church...
An inspired Wendy Lynn tried her hands at the keys in the bridal suite...
Friends and family began to arrive and Wendy did her best to assist with wedding details wherever needed, but mostly that just meant looking cute!
...And looking out for any stragglers!
Oh, and of course she giggled upon Aunt Nicole's satin dress, which she rather enjoyed using as a slide!
The exchanging of vows moved all to tears and sighs of joy and satisfaction at the wonderful workings of our Loving Father, and afterwards, an elegant and laughter-filled reception was "the icing on the cake!"

In piping on the sides of the cake, "I am my beloved's...My beloved is mine."
The moment came for the groom to take his bride off into the sunset, so next door we all paraded with rose petals in hand, and in front of the old Faunt Hotel, we saw them off! Here is Mimi holding a sleepy Wendy...

Her rings are extraordinary with a setting made to look like her favorite bridge in Europe, and her diamond is a special new square-cut with more cuts than others, called the Queen of Hearts! I took this photo for her to have.
Our bouquets, having their rest at the end of the day...
Before Julie got into her bridal gown, I zoomed in on some of this intricate beadwork.
The night before was a hoot-filled time at their rehearsal and dinner at the Mexican restaurant there in New Braunfels!

And what kind of friends would we be if we didn't throw her a surprise shower?!?!
Nancy and Nicole getting everything ready!
We are so pleased every time the Lord sees fit to bless us with love, in the form of our life-long friends, spouses and children. This was an occasion that will remain vivid in my heart and I look forward to seeing the other blessings that will come out of the love shared between Julie and Curt!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Blessed Christmas in '08 PART 2

Christmas, part 2, was at my folks' house in Houston. Christmas Eve we all got together to open presents. My folks surprised my brother, Sean, with a Wii, and as you can see in the background, my other brother, Walker, is miffed. Of course he was joking. He got money.

"Yay! Santa came!!!"

Tea time with Wendy and Hattie!
My grandmother with all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren!

Playing in Mimi and Granddaddy's backyard is oh so much fun!
We took the girls to a Mexican restaurant, and they took "clean your plates" to heart!
Wendy is in LOVE with cousin Devon! Seriously! She followed him around everywhere and begged him to hold her!
Wendy got this discintigrating ball for the bathtub that turned their water blue and revealed a surprise toy walrus inside!
This is the dorkiest picture of myself I've taken in a while, but I laugh every time I see it, and it's good to laugh at yourself, right? I had fun with Stephanie and Katie at Chick-Fil-A and Highland Village!
At the Chocolate Bar...mmmmmm!
At Dan and Karen's house, my grandmother sitting beside my "Uncle Nando."

Towards the end of our visit, Wendy on the phone with her Daddy, who'd had to leave before us in order to work. Pooh!

A Blessed Christmas in '08 PART 1

Christmas Part 1 took place in James' home town of La Vernia, Texas with his family. First is this ghost-like photo I took of Wendy in his folks' back yard (It freaked me out! Click on it to enlarge it and check out the aura around her little body! YIKES! I had to pray that night cuz it just kind of spooked me, but it is rather pretty.) Next, and not necessarily next, you see, I don't recall the order of these events! I'm doing good just to lump the La Vernia pics together and the Houston ones in the next set! Anyhow, here we are with Nicole and Yankton at the San Antonio A&M Club Christmas party! Nicole and I got up and sang I believe 3 karaoke songs including Manic Monday by The Bangles.
Nicole and Yankton belting it out!
While with James' family, we all went to Schlitterbaun (sp?) and Wendy got her picture taken with Santa and Tommy Sean's girlfriend, Leslie. She looks like that famous painting of a cherib in this shot I think!
We did Christmas with James' mom's side of the family several days early, and while others were taking the family group photo, I angled my camera up and "ta da!"
I loved these that I took while we were just hanging out at his folks' house.

A tender kiss between "Little James" and Wendy.
One of the highlights was having the pleasure of meeting James' friend, Scott's, brand new fiance!! They're a lovely couple and we're very excited for them!
At dinner....Wendy sometimes was a bit squirmy in her highchair, and screamy, but overall, she was pretty good.
With her Grandma.
With Grandpa, Daddy and a COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!