Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wendy's Art Exhibit

I am very proud indeed to announce that my little girl has become an artistic marvel (tee hee) and is ready to showcase her work in the highly esteemed Wendy's World Art Exhibit! Yes, it seems Wendy is able to tap into her 3-year-old imagination and draw up characters that emote all sorts of feelings, and these little "people" truly dance on the pages, coming to life for you, for me, for all to see! Here is the artist engaged in her craft. For her, it's a simple stroke of the crayon, for us, it's a leap into fantasy land! I bring you "Family on Holiday." Takes your breath away, right?!
Next, and this one always makes my heart skip a beat, we have "Mr. Eager, Miss So Not Eager."
This one is entitled, "Uh Oh. Get me down."
This one is not for the faint of heart. It's called, "Leggy Villain."
In contrast, we see "Mr. Jolly Gum Drop!"
"Leggy Villain with Big Shoes."
"Dew Drop Tom."
For more of her work, stay tuned. In about a month or so, you just might catch a glimpse of other little creations...if you're lucky!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Final Days of Visit

I know it's way late, but here are the rest of the worthy pics from our visit in H-town. First you see a cozy little Linc-man in my bed. I love how he bends that one leg and graces his ankle. So posey! I also love his belly button. So Wendy's! An "inny-outty!"
And his toe below, well, it's just an outty!!!
One day, I put make-up on Wendy and her cousin, Hattie, and they wore two of Hattie's dress-ups and they had a blast running through my mom's house being princesses! It was kind of strange to see their little round faces all painted up! Made my heart sink when I thought of her as a teenager! Please don't grow up too soon! I have to admit it though, I'm a girly girl so I had fun trying different things with their eye make-up. I'll be into it when I have to do Wendy's face up for ballet or theater!

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I love these shots I took of my dad because he's got the beard thing going on and it is sort of nautical in a way, sort of "Captain Winnie!," and these were taken at Kemah, where he treated all of us for an afternoon visit and lunch!

The Flying Dutchman had an outdoor eating area, which we chose, and Wendy got to play before our food arrived. I love my action shots!

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Lincy-poo was cute. As usual. Easy going Linc. I love me some Linc.

Trying to nurse in the breezy air was sort of a hassle. I lasted only 2 mos. with Wendy cuz it was a demanding job, so I don't fault anyone who doesn't last either for any reason at all, but this time, I am determined to try, try being the operative word, to b-feed for at least six months. We'll see.
My mom, holding her 8th grandchild. By the way, grandchild number 9 and number 10 are on the way. Not mine, my bros' babes! My mother is a champion. She works so hard, exhausting herself for everyone in her family but herself. She is selfless. I know we wore her out and I probably took too much advantage. SORRY, MOM! I think we all need to appreciate her more.
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Wendy discovered the fountains! WHOOP! What's more fun than getting soaked?
Before that, though, she was running around, working up a sweat with this sweet friend!
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A sweet visit with cousins was a great topper to our visit. Devon, Wesley and Victor (so well named, don't you think?) enjoyed showing her their pets---all of them including their big hairy spider!!! Funny thing, hilarious actually, we wanted to try exposure therapy with their cat cuz my folks' cats were really freaking her out all the time, all day long. Well, THEIR cat, as we introduced her and showed her how to pet her, NIPPED her! Woah! We quickly recovered though, and just laughed.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Additional Pics

Here are two tow-heads in my lappy-poo, being all sweet and cousin-like! These are the two youngest grandkids. Mary Ellen, my brother's younger daughter (of two) and Lincy-poo. Mary Ellen is extremely interested in Linc and loves to "kiss" him with her tilted head. It is just darling!
Here we have Hattie, Mary Ellen and The Woo Loo! And Pooh! (Of course!)
My idea, my dad's treat! Japanese dinner at Sasaki! Woo HOO!
My Aunt Karen loves Wendy and it shows. I think one thing that bonds the two of them together is their mutual girliness!
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I DO think they favor one another, no?

Today we visited one of my old college friends and roomies, Linda, and her daugther, Rebekah. The two girls clicked in dress-ups and giddy laughter and it was a sight to see! And WE girls (my mom and the two of us) truly enjoyed catching up, sharing medical horror stories and feasting on delish sandwiches and snacks!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update from Houston!

I took this pic of my nephew, Shepherd, as he sat, perched high up in the tree in my folks' backyard. He looks rather miffed, but actually, one moment later, he was smiling from ear to ear, proud of the small garden snake he found in the soil around the chopped-off Mexican Heather bush! He's the oldest of my brother, Walker's, four kids. He has gorgeous green-yellow eyes and he is all boy.
Next is a shot of Walker. He is five years older than me. He's a goofball and I love him tons.

Here is our pops. The Patriarch.

Below is James' Dad, Marlin, come to pick up his granddaughter for a visit with "Grandma and Grandpa" in La Vernia! Here he is admiring his new grandson.

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And here is my girl, my Woo Loo, basking in the glorious Texas sun, getting in some time with her first cousins. My mom loaded up with water guns, sidewalk chalk and bags of M & M's for the kiddos following lunch at Luby's! They got chalky, wet and hyper and had a fantastic day!

Mimi, my mom, holding Lincster.

Walker and Missy's daughter, Maggie. They say she looks like me!

Below, Walker and Missy's older of the two daughters, Eva Rose.

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"Ooh! A snake in Mimi's yard!" A Canadian Brown Snake, according to my Aunt Karen, whose boys are boyscouts. Shepherd and Eva Rose later cried and cried because their pet was accidentally, tragically crushed by a rock in the Tupperware. I tried my best to comfort the two of them, saying, "Don't fret. Little things have little lives that don't last so long, but I'm sure God is enjoying him now," to which Shepherd replied through sobs, "No, creatures don't have SOULS! They don't get to go to Heaven!" Uh oh.
Grandma saying goodbye to her newbie grandson after we met up with them halfway between Houston and La Vernia in order to pick up Wendy, who, by the way, had a great time with them and shortly thereafter asked to go back!
Y'all, this is Texas. Where else do babies get bathed out doors, surrounded by kids and yard snakes?!

Walker and Missy's baby, Ingram, or Ike, as he is better known, playing with his beloved vehicles.

We've had so much fun, and we continue to live it up with the ones we love (except that my sweet Love, James, is back in Vancouver--wah!) I got to go shopping with Katie, Christie and Stephanie yesterday, this evening we ate Japanese food with my Aunt Karen and Uncle Dan, tomorrow I get to see Linda, another close friend from college and her daughter, Rebecca, and I've seen my sweet Nicole, and Katie's friends, Christy and Margaret, and Saturday I'll get to see Julie and Curt again! It's nice to come "home" and know that there are lots to love out this way as well! I am blessed!
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