Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wendy's "Boyfriend!"

These precious photos were snapped last Sunday evening, at our church small group Bible study. This is Elijah, Wendy's "boyfriend." He's 13 days older than her. Dee-Anna, his mommy, is my close friend! She also has a 2-year-old boy, Micah, and a 3-year-old daughter named Grace. Grace is the world's CUTEST puppy dog! I think you'll agree!

Our Valentine's --Did we have two?

Feb. 14th --This year's Valentine's Day was kinda funny. I decided to surprise James with a visit to his work! So, I showered, bathed Wendy, got us both all dolled up, picked out some potted flowers at Albertson's, drove in to Portland, and called outside his security sealed door! It was lunchtime, so I hoped to cross over to the mall. His building connects to Lloyd Center Mall! Little did I know that HE was fixin' to leave for home to surprise ME! Well, he was not feeling well that morning, so he was gonna go on home to take it easy and the bonus was that he'd get to spend more time with his girls. It was a little uncomfortable to be there all chipper and meet his new boss, having just found out James was wrapping things up to come home "sick." Eeeeeee. Well, he wasn't 100% but felt better as we headed up to Multnomah Waterfall for lunch at the lodge. I had salmon that was to die for. Later that night, we took Wendy with us to Arawan Thai restaurant--We split our favorite dish, knawed on salad rolls, and downed a couple Long Island Iced Teas, which Arawan bar tenders make rrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyyyy well! It was a dynomite Valentine's! Then, Friday night, James surprised me AGAIN with a "mystery date." I was instructed to dress for a date, drive myself to Gustav's German Restaurant, take a seat at the bar, order a drink, and wait for my date. Wendy would be taken care of. I hollered to James from upstairs that I was leaving, he averted his eyes, and then once there, I waited a few minutes until he and his sidekick, Wendy, showed up to join us! I'd been talking on the cell with my mom until he appeared. We moved to a booth and shared fondu. It was like a second Valentine's Day! I guess he still loves me! Tee hee.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Flat Stanley Visits the Pacific Northwest!

My Aunt Kathy mailed a child's Flat Stanley to me here in Washington, and my job is to take Flat Stanley here and there, take his picture, journal about his adventures and then mail him on to some other person in some other far-reaching place in the world! Stanley will make his way back to his rightful owner, and this student will then present Flat Stanley's journey, photos, stories and all to the rest of the class! Others will present their Flat Stanleys as well! Such a cute idea, and I'm already so fond of Stan. Here is Stan, dining with us and our friends, Leslie and Jeremy, with me at McDonald's, begging for donuts at Walmart, and napping with my baby girl Wendy. Stan is an easy houseguest. He's quiet and lays low. Gotta love him!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Wendy Helps James with Bible Study...

"Here Daddy, let me help you to understand these texts..."

Personalized Valentines...

Wendy was not neglectful this Valentine's Day. She remembered to send her love out to her fans! She helped Mommy pick out the cards and decide which goes to whom, and she even drooled on one or two to make it extra sweet!

My Cutie Patootie!

Some of the Many Faces of Wendy Lynn...

Here we see Wendy's startled face, her look of adoration, her peaceful moment expression, her cerebral fatigue look, and her in-the-moment concentrated face!

Wendy's Best Friend!

Wendy's first best friend is little Hayden Noel, my friend, Leslie's daughter, born Dec. 14th. As you can see, Hayden is not too sure she's up to it yet, but Wendy is patient and knows that in a couple months, Hayden will like her a lot. They have play dates almost every week, and Wendy thinks she's swell!

Addition to Wendy's Nursery!

As you can see, I painted Wendy's name on the wall space above her changing table. I had considered buying wood letters, painting them, and hanging each by ribbons tied up with bows, but figured this would be the cheap way. I already had the paint left over from other crafts for her room, and I had the brushes too! So, here it is! Now, after changing her "dydy," I stand her up and she looks at the curly q's and seems to approve! I've always felt her name is whimsical, thinking of Wendy's role in Peter Pan, and tiny, insect-sized fairies graced the paper Katie used to design her birth announcements, so a little butterfly and some daisies complete the effect I was going for. I hope it suits her "big girl room" when we make the conversion some day!

Some New Photos of My Girl

Some shots of, you guessed! Wendy!