Friday, September 21, 2012

Third Time's a Charm--Er..the loss of a charm..

First week of school, Wendy lost her new pink flip-top water bottle.  She came home with it several days later.  Second week of school, Wendy lost her lunch bag with sandwich box, including freezer tray.  We got it back a couple days later.  Today, she HOWLED in agony when she realized she lost her sandwich box, which contained a little pink fold-able laptop eraser (which I'd hidden beneath her baggied chicken, cheese and fruit cup).  I drove back through the long line of cars until I could park, and we (Linc included) went into the school building, checked the Lost and Found bin, checked with her teacher.  Gone.  She must've thrown them away after eating.  I told her about when I was about her age and lost a Cabbage Patch Kid purse, filled to the max with all of my favorite trinkets.  We'd gone to a mall and the last time I remembered having it was in the shoe department.  Thirty minutes later, we'd searched the dept. and I had to cope with the sorrowful realization that my treasures were gone.  G-O-N-E.  It's a hard lesson to learn, but one we all learn at some point early on.  I'd gotten this little eraser for Wendy from the $1 section at Target, and it was one of about 3 left.  A while ago.  Not likely to find another.  So, I made the kids wait outside my bedroom door, locked it, quickly rummaged around in my secret box of lunchtime hide-away treats (a rare deal), and gave her a tea set--puzzle erasers.  I know, sounds like I popped a good learning opportunity, however, my heart knew her pain and I granted her this small consolation prize along with a warning that I will not do this again.  That losing things is not a problem others should fix for her.  That she needs to be more responsible for her belongings at school.  So, let's hope this speech of mine makes an impression.  This time, there was grace and mercy, in the form of a cheap eraser, but next time, and there will be a next time, she's flying solo.


This is an older pic from a trip we took to Galveston during the summer.  My mom e-mailed it to me, and I do love it.  So here it is for all of us to miss summer now that school is in full swing!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wendy Celebrates Turning 6 in the Midst of Birthday Cousins!

First Morning as a Six-Year-Old Woo Loo!

 Birthday Morning Present from Daddy!
 Wendy's sweet buddy at school---we brought the cutest, smallest little cupcakes for her class celebration, and I stuffed goody bags for all the kids with Slinky's and other toys!
 And we showed up for lunch AT SCHOOL with Wendy!  So fun, we were up on the stage along with other lunching parents.  I love this. 
 The evening of her b-day, we met up with friends at Chuck E Cheese.  Wendy won SO MANY tickets from her FIRST game!  I mean, this machine just kept spitting out this enormously long strip of tickets!  She wound up getting a big ole colorful slinky, tiara rings, a spinning top, etc.
 The next day, I took Linc with me to Walmart, and we noticed this going on in the fish tanks!
 The weekend following, it was time for the Build-A-Bear workshop!  Whoop!  Her cousins came along and got outfits for their bears as well.
 After this splurge, we were THRILLED to get to walk right in to a FASHION SHOW at the mall!  A truly cool one, too.  Below, listen, I did NOT pose these girls. 

 That night, we braved a slumber party.  We had the girls sleep together on the fold-out bed, watched Mermaid Girl (not sure of the actual title) episodes, snacked on popcorn and painted nails.  So much fun.  In the morning, they were up at 6 or so, and Granddaddy made pancakes.

 I read to them from a beautiful book Wendy's grandma got for her birthday.  They were fascinated by the gorgeous illustrations and the captivating story.
 A nest Wendy made hoping a family of birds would take to it.  Then, the next day, the wind had blown it away...:(
 Going back in time a bit here, this is from the night of her orientation, meeting her teacher.  She wanted to wear my dress, from when I was a little girl.  Gosh, I love that about Wendy.  She's sentimental. 
 Below is a shot from Wendy's cousin's 4th birthday bash.  It was Fancy Nancy themed, and FANCY NANCY ACTUALLY CAME!!!  In PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!  She did the girls' make-up, danced with them, etc.  It was spectacular.
 First day of school.  James walked with us for her first day.  I'm so glad he could. 

 Her class.  She truly loves school.  She says, "It's AWESOME!"  Thank you, Lord!
Below are a bunch of pics (had to, this was the cutest party ever), from Cousin E's 1st Birthday Party!!!!

 "Belly Buttons are MAGIC!"

 Tender Moment~
 What makes attending a birthday party even more fun?!  Getting a birthday present for YOU!!!!!!!!!
 The boy can concentrate.  Oh, by the way, the pics I took from his first day at this little school he attends Monday and Wednesday mornings are on my cell!  Boo!  But, he loves school every bit as much as Wendy does.  They are pretty independent.  Cool.

Finally, some funny things my kids have said lately:
Wendy said she reads for another adult, not her teacher, at school.  She said, "It's pretty hard."  I grabbed a cook book of mine and asked her to read it.  She read the back cover pretty smoothly, words like "magazine," "prepare," and "inspired" no problem.  I gasped and asked her, "Why is your brain so big?"  And she said, "Because my HEAD is!  I wear grown-up sized GOGGLES!"  We did have to return the ages 5-10 goggles for adult ones this summer.  Okay, so this sounds braggy, but I'll say this now---girlfriend has the math aversion just like least for now.  I hope she overcomes it and is strong in math as well, but...
Lincoln, after I picked him up from school yesterday, had quite a bunch to say to Mommy.  We stopped to play in the garden area out front, and he grabbed a stick.  He said, in his very garbly way, "Dis i my wand.  I bwake i in haff an give you haff.  DON'T dwap i dow!"  "This is my wand.  I break it in half and give you half.  Don't drop it down."  So, I did drop my half, repeatedly, and he'd smile and say, "NAH adin!"  "Not again!