Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Few~

I have posted pics over the past few months and later realized that I forgot to include some that were also special.

I love her expressions...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't laugh at me. Or do.

I am addicted to taking pictures. Having them taken and taking them myself. Here are three new ones I just took of Linc in the Feltman Bros bubble suit (I ADORE it!). The tiny pin-tucks. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. I love this little outfit. Oh, and I love my little man, too. Tee hee. He's my little boo-baby. My Buka Buka. My wittle man-man.

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa!

I just chuckle to myself when I look at my dish-drying rack. "Oh yeah, I'm here again. Pump and bottles have re-emerged after 2 years in storage!"
One night, we allowed Wendy to doll herself up as it was fun to see what she was capable of, and also, it kept her busy while we ate dinner!

This was my dress when I was her age....

Most nights, we play Settlers of Catan. Linc gets fussy so we pass him back and forth. Here is James "wearing" him. So cute to me.

I wanted to get our pic taken together, so we did! This is a pic of the pic, so it's not very clear, but you get the idea!

We're having tons of fun and it's great to get to transition into this new chapter with the love and help of family!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life Right Now

Dog tired. Or is it Dawg tired? Or is it hog tired? I am so tired, I cannot recall! Isn't it amazing how we can muddle through this chapter, like zombies, and our husbands are zombies too, and we forget about how dog tired we were?! I know it'll happen, that I'll look back and be all, "Yeah, I mean, I guess I was tired. I don't remember!" But for now, I'm tired. Dog tired. Thank our wonderful Father in Heaven for His provision and watch-care over us at these times in life. We all seem to get through it unscathed! How marvelous a God we have! I'm ALIVE after 1 month of sleepless nights! And Wendy's nails are trimmed! And she's fed! And bathed! And Linc never misses a meal! Do I look good? OH NO! I'm a mess! But, that's fine with me. I can wait. Funny how I can detect the tired new mom at Cafe Sip N' Play, too. She, like me now, has no make-up, hair pulled out of pony tail in back, but she doesn't know it. Spit up on her yoga pants. On her rear. How'd it get there? We'll never know. But it did.

Monday, January 18, 2010

1 Month Old---Wow. Already?!

Lincoln is one month old today! I think he's gained a good deal of weight, judging from the difficulty with which I've tried to stretch preemie, and then newborn, and then SOME "S" sized outfits onto his baby frame! Another change is a regretful one---baby acne. Alas, he gets this deplorable army of little shining flaws -----from me. I guess! I know many babies have this "condition" at around 1 month of age, but my history with Accutane makes me think his skin is ---gulp--mine. He also has mottled skin, like mine. His hair, blond!, is still there!!! I am so tickled that he was actually born with yellow fuzz on his head! How strange and wonderful! He's still somewhat floppy, lethargic and newborn-like in his diverse aspects, and I am soooo looking forward to his SMILES! I catch only momentary glimpses, but I am so in LUV with his smile, y'all! So, I needed to blog quickly about his 1-month's worth of developments, but do scroll below for all the latest pics. The heading is so similar to the former post, but I assure you, 'tis DEEFERENT! Love and hugs!

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Post! Catching Up.

Some of y'all are curious to know how I'm doing. Well, it's like I got the job, I was hired, and that's a relief, but now the job begins, and I'm just kind of nervous about it and hope I do well! Taking care of Wendy by herself was one thing. And as she grew older and matured, motherhood became smashingly easy! She became my little side-kick, shopping buddy, dress-up doll! Now, all of the sudden, motherhood is challenging again! Challenging because of the newborn phase all over again. Challenging because when I'm nursing, my once easy Wendy is into something off limits, and won't listen when I tell her to stop it, or needs something and can't wait. Eeeeeee. Fatigue and hormones in the mix make these things seem really hairy, but all it takes to feel better is a fuzzy baby head nuzzling my neck, a little grunting/squeeking babe in my arms, making "baby shapes," as my friend Lisa calls it, or that fleeting smile. Another wonderful recess from daily stressors is when Wendy decides "today the answer is 'yes!' for kisses," and allows me to get all of her sugar without my having to wrestle her for it! These are payment for my services rendered. I'm paid in kisses and nuzzles. Loving it.
My folks left Friday morning, and I'm missing them terribly. I knew I'd feel that sinking feeling---and actually, I felt it about two days before they left. They are fun, spontaneous, and stimulating. I'm missing our nightly Scrabble games and daily lunches out at the Mongolian Grill! Most of all, I miss my mom's helping me deep into the night with "Camp Linc." She'd sleep on the twin mattress on the floor of Linc's nursery, change him upon his rousing and get me up to nurse him, and I'd sit in my glider and we two would doze in and out of middle-of-the-night conversations. Doing it without her is going to be lonely until Linc and I get into our own rhythm and it begins to feel like little Mommy and Linc "dates." That's what I envision in order to feel better about her being gone. WAAAAH! Growing pains. I still need my mommy, too. Here are some pics with captions. Lots of love out to our friends and family, and this little boy of ours will continue to be well documented, as his big sis is, so you can look forward to future photo sessions! I'll try to come up with good ideas!
So in love~~~This was my mom's bed jacket, and she looked forward to capturing some special moments, and you know, it's pretty comfortable! He's putting on weight! Woo HOO!
A new dress!
"Is it 'Take Your Son to Work Day?' I promise, I can be very serious."
Wendy trying her hand as a pastry chef! My bright-eyed beauty~
Linc's Very First Date---I tell ya, they start earlier and earlier. However, I think poor Linc is boring his crush...
Real men wear plaid.
Dr. Miller, Wendy's pediatrician, getting to know his new patient! At 2 weeks, 9.4 lbs!
Our dear friends, the Brousseaus.
A man-to-man moment.
First tub bath, I think.
I took this portrait of the glowing, Ellie, Linc's little friend, born 2 days before Linc!
Dr. Rosenblum holding the little guy she helped bring into this world!