Monday, January 28, 2013

October Times

We enjoyed a fun-filled Halloweeny day, but nobody calls it Halloween, so it was Trunk or Treat this, Fall Festival that, etc.  One such dealie was at the Bush Library.  Walking up, Wendy goes, "Mom, some of the presidents had girly names, didn't they?"  "Like who?"  "Well, like Rosa Bell!"  Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two Thors with matching blue pumpkins!!
More of our new decorations.  Lincoln is SO into "Halloween Houses."
Lincoln made a new friend!
Helped a friend make centerpiece for a table she was assigned to decorate for a banquet, raising money for third world country.
Party at Linc's school~
Not bad, eh?  Wendy's drawings are quite good!
Our first trick-or-treaters, college girls raising money for a worthy cause.
Linc and his buddies
Play date after school!
Weekend of the RUF reunion!


I was truly blessed to get to see some of my old college friends, whose knowledge and communion with our Lord strengthened, as mine did, during such an exciting time in our lives.
Sunday school the following morn~

Getting whimsical now!

I LOVE my new Rebel camera!

I wish they could stay this little forever!
At Grandma and Grandpa's~


Cousin Hug!!!

Great Grandma Alma enjoying some time with her little great grandson~

My boy loves "bideo dames!"
Wendy was SOOO happy to do her reading part of a little play in class!  She has an excellent reading voice.
I went to the school, ate a turkey lunch with her and her class and then watched this performance even though I was suffering from vertigo.  James couldn't leave work, so I had to go, and wouldn't miss it anyway, but I had to walk with my head sort of tilted to one side in order to keep from getting sick.  After several Epley maneuvers, I recovered, after some weeks.  Ugh.