Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our Girl

My First Creative Photography

These roses were my friend's gift from her Valentine and I shot them with my camera's special mode which picks up the color of my choice, in this case, red-duh. Like 'em?

My First Scrapbook!

Missing my mama! I loved having that time with her and it was real agony for the first few days! Here are some from IKEA shortly before she left. Below them are pictures of the scrapbook I made for my neighbor documenting the fun our girls had with Mimi.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Daddy Time

"When Daddy gives me my bath, I have so much fun! He tickles me and chases me, and gets all goofy and stuff. I love my daddy!"


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Scroll down for several new entries with photos!!!

Y'all know I rarely journal daily. No, I wait a few days or weeks and then "pop, pop, pop, pop.." add multiple new blips with photos, so scroll down for recent stuff.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Cape Horn with Snow

Remember those cool shots we got of Cape Horn during our babymoon not long ago? Well, here is the same scene with snow! In the Spring and Summer, it looks like Ireland. Soooo gorgeous.

Luz's Shower

Sweet newish friend Luz had her baby girl Christmas day, and Calvary Baptist threw her a very nice shower! My mom and I helped with it, and it was great. I love the friends we've made up here.

Old Wives' Tales

Okay, another kid-friendly restaurant, THIS one has a cool play nook right off of one of three dining rooms. This place has been a hot spot for 30 years. They offer an ethnic menu with vegan and gluten-free options. I love, love, LOVE these pictures because they really capture Wendy's glee while she played so hard with her daddy. So much fun.

Mommy Bird Feeds Baby Bird

Grandma Leethe's

This is a trendy, super family-friendly restaurant with a child day (or evening) care so that adults can dine in peace while watching their kids through geometrically shaped windows. The babysitters even feed your child your children's menu selections within the colorful, fun walls of the play area! So, Mimi and I drove an hour so that we could girltalk while the Woo Loo played her heart out. HOWEVER, Woo Loo wasn't in the mood for independence. So, she sat and ate with us. Man! She looked pretty darn cute though!

Random Here and There Shots

Yeah, I don't know why this is (I wish I were quicker when it comes to computers and technology), but it seems like I transfer my photos from my camera to my computer and then later, try to update this blogspot, and the saved photos are not in chronological order. Sometimes, they are all mixed up. Other times, they are in order! So, when I can't remember when things happened, I do my best to give the right play-by-play, but I know I fail to paste the pictures or journal in the right order. Pooh! Oh well. Can't be a perfectionist about it! In my confused sort of style, here are two from a restaurant in which I just love Wendy's faces, one of her in a fun outfit, and two of us on the "horsey!"

Wendy loves Anna

Wendy often asks for Anna when it's a day that we don't have Anna over, and it's soooo sad. She really loves her! Does she want a sister already?

"I love my Mimi!"

Cute Shopper

I took these on two different shopping days, and she is wearing MY little brown dress from my girlhood in two of these!

The Tanners have dinner with the Tannebergers!

Our friends came over for dinner one night recently. Look at our girls just being soooooooooo cute!