Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wedding Weekend

With James' mom and dad.

Lil'James (was our ring bearer) with Wendy.

Aunt Tiffany and Wendy stealing some laughter before the wedding.

Our little girl, a FLOWER GIRL!

Mary Kay time. Tiffany and I got the works and bought the cosmetics too. Good time.

Tiffany with her matron of honor.

Getting nails done.

The groom is on the left.

It was a fantastic wedding weekend. The weather was Heaven and thank goodness, because the reception was outside. Tiffany (James' sister) was a stunning bride, and she and Chris are soo happy to be wed. Wendy did manage to walk down, but she became sick the night before and is STILL sick. We flew home 2 days ago (yes, she got sick on me on the plane like she did flying home in December), and we took her in to see the doctor last night. Might be RotaVirus. So, we're staying in and I'm taking care of my baby.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Wendy Lynn's First Love

Last Sunday Morning

Precious Sunday morning. We had nursery duty, and the four kids we had were EERILY cheerful, and we just really enjoyed our time with them. Here are some warm and fuzzy moments.

Diapered Duo

You're thinking, "What in the world," right? I put one of Wendy's diapers on her beloved Pooh Bear, and she was just so amazed that they were little twinkies!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Baby Eli

Shaunna has gorgeous red hair and to our pleasant surprise, so does her baby boy! A lot of it! We went walking along the historic disctrict, and it rained, and Wendy did NOT like the cold rainy wind. I felt bad that we had to walk against it in order to get to our cars, and OUT of it! Then we got coffee at a Christian shop called Coffee Divine, and all was well. Wendy nibbled an oatmeal cookie, and we girls mommy-talked.

Wendy and Hayden at Cafe Sip And Kranz

Leslie and Hayden ~loving glances.

Wendy's Playdate with Autumn!

At Urban Grind and at LaurelHurst Park. My friend, Marilyn, and I just chatted and strolled and enjoyed watching these two be just so adorable together.

Nice..Uncivilized..Back to Nice

Don't worry. That's water in the glass.

Pet Store Visit

James takes Wendy to the pet store just to entertain her, so one day I went too. So sweet.