Saturday, July 10, 2010

Linc's Six Month Pics (and a little Wendy, too!)

Katie, of KatieLeePhotography, did it again! She really snaps those cutie pie moments so effortlessly! MY kids LOVE her! It's easy! We went to a park and to the Butterfly Gardens, and below are the favs of both my kids, and this first one is just priceless to me. This first image is my official Linc at Six Months portrait. The expression. The bod. The LEGS! What legs? Ha ha. I love it! (The boots are Grandma and Grandpa T's and we'll save them and return them for future Tanneberger baby cowboys!)

Behold!!! Two chompers on the bottom! He cut them while in La Vernia!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Major Catch-Up Post!

SO much catching up to do, so little time! For those of y'all out there who are curious to know about our family's current situation, here you go----we are still in a sort of limbo/waiting/chaos phase of moving. We're transitioning our whole entire life, and that's not done quickly or easily! Our house in Vancouver has no buyer as of yet, James flew to Grants Pass to testify in a trial for the company he no longer works for, the kids and I are living with my folks, out of suitcases, our rental town house in College Station is next to empty and all of our stuff is in "storage in transit" who knows where. James starts his new job on the 12th. So much going on, so that's why my bloggin's gonna have to be somewhat sporadic! So, as well as I can manage to do it in order--ha ha--there are lots of pics on my folks' cameras that I want to post as well--here are the pics I was able to scrounge up for your viewing pleasure! Before we left, it was mayhem. The DAY I flew (MOVED, actually, in the finalist sense of the word) with the kids, by myself as I had done 4 months earlier,was the day of our brokers' open, an event that showcases a home for sale to as many realtors as one can entice with attractive goodies! I had to go out and purchase gift cards, gourmet coffee, cakes and cookies. We had to detail our house. The. Day. The. Kids. And. I. MOVED. Crazy. I managed to shoot this pic of Linc, on the futon, in our garage, in a welcome-to-life gift from Colleen's family. I realized my big ole boy was almost too big for this adorable get-up already, and with the craziness of our move and stuff, I knew if I didn't seize this opportunity to forever capture him wearing it, I may never. He was a bit sleepy, so that's why his little baby eyes are somewhat pinkish.
A couple hours later, Wendy is reclined and relaxed, watching her new kiddo video, snacking on who knows what, and embarking upon her brand new life as it took flight, literally!
The boy slept. They were both awesome, praise the Lord! Flying across the country, with a 3-year-old and 6-month-old was not the nightmare one might think it'd be! They were precious traveling companions! However, getting off the first plane, in the middle of the runway (Seattle), and having to find someone to help me carry his stroller up an outdoor flight of stairs to the terminal, while having to rush Wendy and lug around our heavy carry-ons as well to the next gate in about 10 minutes was a momentary blip of panic and stress like you wouldn't believe! We made it though!
This is so hilarious, and so true! Once we crossed the "ominous" threshold of my folks' house, I was alerted to the danger that lurked beneath it. My mom warned me that for two days, as the sun set, she had noticed a pointed head peek out, and she was afraid it might be one of Texas' poisonous snakes. As the day turned dark, she curled her finger for me to come and take a look. I saw nothing. I am not afraid of snakes, so I grabbed my camera, stuck it down there, zoomed in and figured the flash would get a clear shot of this freakish creature. Behold, the monster!
The next morning, Linc was so exhausted from our travels, he dozed off suddenly in the midst of all his Happy Happy Texas Texas bouncin'! I swiftly took him to his warm, soft bed.
A couple days later was the baby shower my friend, Nicole, and I hosted for our dear college friend, Julie, and her husband---in Cypress, Texas. Linc came along, as he is my "breast friend" and therefore pretty much has to go with me for long, extended activities! He was great! Just the cute token baby! My sweet Dad took Wendy to see Toy Story 3 and to McDonalds for fuel and fun!
The Proud Parents-to-Be...
Julie and Nicole. We've all been friends for over a decade now, it's just so much fun to get together!
The Place Settings....
The Center Pieces---Now I'm using this netting, and the netting from the other table, to make a tu-tu for Baby Isabella!
When everyone is informed that Julie is in labor, we will light these candles and say our prayers for a blessed birth!
Homemade biscotti and chocolate dipped spoons were additional favors for the guests! My mother is the bomb.
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Eating and Talking. That's what we women do best!
I got frap mix, milk, ice and The Bullet and made special coffee granitas for extra go-juice! We also had Italian sodas, gnocchi, meatballs, salad, cheesecake, etc. Nicole is an excellent cook!
Linc enjoyed every second of it. I bet he thought to himself, "Ooh, another baby for me to play with is a'comin'!"

Next, we headed to La Vernia to spend some time with James' family. It was wonderful to be back in our "other home away from home." Dragging my suitcase up the stairs, I discovered this dead arachnid. This here is whatcha call a Black Widow. Poisonous. Fortunately Dad Tanneberger explained to me that moths kill them and drop them. It's comforting to have a cowboy/hunter/"nature-knower" for a father in law, especially in Texas, the hot arid land of poisonous things. Kind of funny that I was confronted with two potentially scary critters at both my folks' and James' folks' houses! This is Texas, y'all! I seriously might see if I can get my hands on some anti-venoms to have in my next house...with kids, you know, I want to be ready to react quickly!
Wendy has her very own room at Grandma and Grandpa's, and it is adorable! Every wall and every corner is dressed up just perfectly for a little girl!

Linc gets his exercise this-a-way, and we get our entertainment this-a-way!
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"This is my dad. Yup. We favor, dontcha think?"

Having the time of his life at the La Vernia grandparents' house!
Wendy got lots of fresh air, and sunshine, and I believe she might be acclimated by now!

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On the back patio, we discovered this fun rocking heli, personalized for the grandkids.
And there are always fun new things that pop up here and there and are for Wendy to find and make her own, while visiting!
Great Aunt Mildred and Great Grandma Alma just adore Linc and his chubby thighs!
Behold the world's youngest tractor-driver!

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Father and Son. James' mom has a pic of James' dad holding him at this age. Of course, in her pic, father and son both don cowboy hats, western wear and boots!

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Returning to H-town, my folks took us to Escalante's and the mariachi band serenaded Wendy, and she was very smitten with their beautiful songs!

My grandmother, Ruth, just turned 90. Below is a photo from an old slide found way up high in her closet, undisturbed for some 65 or so years! She is a beauty. What makes her so remarkable, even now, is her profound intelligence, her superior discernment, and her loving and social nature. We were thrilled to rejoice with her, where she lives, surrounded by all of her friends!
The Matriarch, surrounded by her three sons and their wives. My folks are "The Blue Team," ha ha. Katie took the rest of the pics you'll see on this post!
My older brother, Walker, a jewel of a man, and his beautiful family.
My younger bro, Sean, and his adorable (and growing! A son is in the oven!) family!

I am having a ton of trouble with Picassa, so I was not able to insert the pic of me with James and our kids---argh! But, here I am with Walker. I think we're starting to look more like each other, actually.
My cousins, "The Boyscouts." Tomorrow we're going out to celebrate Wesley's birthday! Fun!
Four of girls, all in plaid.
The Fifth One.
A Series of Wendy Images....
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Linc and Aunt Missy.
Sunday was Linc's baptism. We appreciated the special gifts given to Linc following this holy sacrament, including his own embossed Bible, the embroidered towel used to wipe his head, a single pure, white rose and his certificate. Now it is our prayer that he will respond to the call of the Holy Spirit and follow Christ all of his days. What a blessed occasion was his baptism.