Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kindergarten, Princess Hair, the Lincster, Oh My!

Recently, my sis-in-law, Missy, sent me a fabulous site called "The Princess and Her Hair." It has tutorials and every imaginable, decadent 'do. Well, Wendy has some tricky layers and waves, but last night was my first attempt. It was, for me, a practice in patience as it was, for Wendy, a practice in patience!

Aliens have taken over the hair world!

She liked it oodles and oodles!

We were pressed for time this morning (I had about 6 minutes), but I came up with this one "ALL BY MYSELF!" (I'm sure you can tell.) Behold, the left side~
Behold, the top/back (the three long strands from the side knot-tops cross over, the bottom strands merge with the side french braid.) Again, fast and furious, so not my best~

Behold, a twisty, windy, do-dad-ded side pony! It took more than that site to inspire me. For you see, a few days ago, Wendy announced her big reveal, singing her own praises over her model, Mimi's, new made-over image!

In Princess mode, sans the elaborate do~~~

My best friend and her husband came for a day, and we had a fantastic time. We went to the Peddler Show, I bought fudge and a nifty ribbon head band. We enjoyed Nero, whom we dropped (gently) into Linc's crib with him, and y'all shoulda seen the JOY!!!!!!!

FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!! Because we were blessed to have several pre-first-day celebrations, Wendy felt at ease, I think! I am so thankful to our Lord because as her b-day is Sept. 6, and state law forbids her starting kinder in the public system, this private, half-day school is amazing, affordable, reinforces our faith, and allows us more time as a family.

"Yes, everyone, I, Wendy Lynn, am in fact a kindergartner as of today!" Oh, and I made the t-shirts for all of the students (10) and their teacher! Ginger, my sweet friend, bought the t's and presented the idea of t-shirts to me. I then ran with a contrived theme and all, y'all know me, the cheese that just grows and grows, but thank goodness kindergartners love cheese! Made crayon bows for all 5 girls as well.

Half day="fruit snack" in lieu of lunch.

Now for some Linc lovin'. This was his game the other day, while shopping HEB. He just thought it was so fun to contort himself like this! Well, this was after I initiated the game of (first ensuring the coast was clear) and then pushing the cart, with him inside, several feet in front of me, waving "bye bye" and then catching up with him like a slightly immature and mental mother.

My mother recently turned 61 and on the same day, my folks celebrated their 40th anniversary!

I love my parents so very much and am so happy to see that 40 years of wedded bliss, and commitment during the hard times as well, has resulted in three happily married children (my bro, Sean, and his family were unable to make it this night--that's my gorgeous aunt and uncle on the left), 9 grand kids and the acknowledgement that God had everything to do with it all!

So cute!One night, James and I went out for a date with both kids (joking---it's no "date" with kids), and Linc was fussing up a storm the moment we forced him into the highchair, so the women at this Japanese restaurant brought out white rice cake smiley faces with choco syrup. Both kids marveled at the presentation for a moment. Neither kid ate it.

This was just too strange---even for Linc!

A misbehaving toddler is a great teaching tool for a nearly 5-year-old. How? Oh, there is always someone out mis-behaving her, so you simply whisper, "Mommy's so proud of you for being such a good example to brother, who, look at him now, uh oh. I'm SO glad you are my HELPER tonight!" Then, whatever mischief older sibling may have planned, falls away to the sheer will to please and be praised! Wanna see what human nature looks like? Spend a day with kids.

Wendy, walking into our bathroom, cradling her baby Pooh Bear. Aw, such a sparkling, pleased new mommy!

So, one of the events leading up to the first day at school was a social at the pool! This is Wendy's WONDERFUL new teacher!

This was the morning of the "Meet the Teacher and See Your Classroom!" party!

My Darling~

Finding our desks!

Finding the FOOD!

Some of the crazy cute foods my friend made!

Working Woman!

"What? Do I look cute or something?"

Talking Wendy into submitting to curlers for the night was no easy task.....

...however, we did come to a compromise!

Speaking of Pooh, this morning I gave him a gentle tumble in our new washing machine (hand wash mode, slow spin), and then let him air-dry outside. It has been many months because I was afraid Wendy's worst nightmare would be realized if...gulp...his NOSE CAME OFF!!!! He survived, narrowly, once again, and he smells strangely Pooh-like even after this subjection. Anyway, below was a day Wendy filled with costumed Pooh fun!

Everyone, shhhh.....


My mom found this magical bit of info, sooooo, I did something with it!


Mine:And of course, now I need to be saving all of these for Wendy's school, so discarding the boxes won't be as simple a process!

And now, Lincoln helping Dad fix my old make-up table for Wendy's room (which before it was mine, was my mom's.)

"I KNOW you need THIS, Dad!" Yeah, Lincoln calls me Mom, and James, Dad. Whatever happened to Daddy and Mommy? Wah!

Playing with Dad now.

Fashion Plate~

High Fasion. Why not? Look at Lady Gaga!
Lincoln loves pretty goils!

Okay, so I am working on a surprise dealie for Wendy's birthday party, and this surprise includes buttons, so I left Wendy alone at my work station, with one of these rice cake poofy snack disks, and, clearing throat now so as to sound completely serious, "This is Wendy's 'Button Land.'" She was proud of it, and then she knocked the buttons off, and ate it!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The REAL Reason!

You always wondered what happened to all your Tupperware lids---well it's this guy's fault. He's the container destroyer! Whatever you do, do NOT let him near your cabinets! If you do, lids you so desperately need in a given moment will invariably be found much later in odd places like behind your toilet. WORSE! Smudgy, foody toddler hands and chin drool will grub them up and you'll be forced to run them through your washer repeatedly! Be warned!

Linc Thinks of Another!

First Pic~ Linc is gathering up the sidewalk chalk eggs from Easter, of which there are four.
Second Pic~ He examines two, and something magical happens deep inside his toddler brain! He remembers that SISSY likes the PINK one!Third Pic~ He holds the pink one up to my face and says, "Diddy," for Sissy, and I say, "Yes!" He then calls out loud for Sissy and hands her her pink chalk egg!

Fourth Pic~ Wendy is sooo excited that Lincoln thought of HER! As soon as she arrives on spot, Linc has a brief change of heart, and turns from her.

Fifth Pic~ I encourage him to give it to Sissy, so he does, Sissy is elated, and he's left thinking, "Okay, I did something good, but I kinda think I want it back now." Ah, we were ALMOST THERE!