Friday, March 09, 2007

Fun Day!

James' good buddy Tony and his bro, Tommy Sean, flew in from La Vernia, Texas today! At the airport, a new Star Bucks was in training, so a very generous manager gal emerged over and over again with trays covered with full-sized coffees, lattes, chai teas, etc, that her little baristas had practiced whipping up--free Joe! We each chose our freebie treat and headed home. Unfortunately it's overcast today so no impressive view of Mt. Hood was in today's forcast. The guys chatted, made pizza, and Tony's napping now as I type this up--Wendy is napping too. Earlier she enjoyed her Johnny Jump-Up! Pictures below prove it!


"Today I'm gonna be a silly girl and untie my shoelaces, umm, about a gazillion times so that my poor Mommy can give up!" Actually, I'm reeeeaaaallly happy because on the 6th, she turned 6 months old and 1) cut her first tooth (lower right) AND 2)
SAID DA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, James walks in from work, waltzes in to her, she looks up from her exersaucer and says very clearly, "DA DA!" We applauded so she said it many times and now also says Daddy and Dad! Her first smile was for Daddy, and her first three words are Da Da, Daddy and Dad, but I change her stinky drawers all day long, and kiss on her and talk to her, and love on her! So, what's up with 'DAT?!?!?!?!?!?

Play Date at the Urban Grind!

Jerilee, Dee-Anna, Leslie and I met up at the Urban Grind coffee shop (mom-friendly) for a baby-play date! Hayden slept in her stroller, but these three sure had fun on the blanket! Looks like Eli is telling Ransom a secret that Wendy can't hear. "So, wanna start a boys club that stinky girls can't join?! We'll talk sports and video games. No dolls or tea parties allowed!"

Too Tired to Smile--Awwww...

Our sweet neighbor girl, Taylor, was quite the bubbly one the other day, however Wendy was kinda, well, out of it. She napped on my walk with Colleen and little Anna Marie. I like this photo because the cap n' mits are too cute!

Monday, March 05, 2007

My New Look

I'm Bohemian in Oregon!

Trip to Lincoln City!

This last Sat., we drove over to Lincoln City, through Depoe Bay and finally, to Newport. Enjoyed Salmon, shrimp, Halibut "for the halibut!," a sea lion concert (they were soooo loud and barked like dogs and one kept getting sick and then the sea gulls went crazy), and the outlet mall. I did not find much for me, but James got new work shoes, jeans, a shirt and vitamins! It was fun to go out for an adventure. James was complimented for being a devoted father, and I just felt like I fell in love with him all over again. Awwww........

SOMEbody's happy to start the day!!!

Woah! WOAH! Okay! Let's play!

Flower Child!

With Spring a'comin,' and spring cleanin' a' startin,' Wendy, our flower child, is a sproutin!

Wendy's New Trick!

In addition to making the cutest new baby noises, Wendy's making, well, curly tongue faces as of Feb. 28th!

Another Afternoon with Wendy's Boyfriend and Glamour Shots with Hayden Noel!

First is our buka-buka with her little beau...Aren't they a cute pair? Next is Leslie's and my fun photo shoot! Tiny Heinies!
Alfa Female!

"I've got a secret. I poo-poo!"