Friday, April 20, 2007

No Camera--Pooh!

Well, I am a flop, and I lost our new camera somewhere! It makes me sick! I had had a busy week, running around to Walmart, Target, Fred Meyer, Lowe's, and the Urban Grind Coffee House for mom's club, and have since called each place twice, but to no avail. So, no new pictures of anything fun we've done recently!
Update: James' sis, Tiffany, and her boyfriend, Chris, came and visited us! We showed them a great time at Multnomah Waterfalls, Cannon Beach, we hiked some, ate Thai food, and the two of them got engaged on their last full day here! They took James' truck, explored, went further north, and had their first snowball fight ever, found an old Mill, and he dropped down and popped the question! Her ring is GORGEOUS!
Other news---James is doing so well in his last class for his MBA. His team ranked first in a game played with quite a few other teams! His area was brand design, and I think he's found his niche! He's on a softball team, and their first game is today, so we're super excited as the weather is so pretty today! He's been big-time busy at work, but has received compliments for jobs well-done, so I couldn't be more tickled.
Wendy and I went for a walk yesterday after babysitting my neighbor, Colleen's daughter, Anna Marie and having a delicious vegetarian lunch! Our days consist of working with her to sit up better, feeding her her organic apricots, peaches, rice cereal, etc, getting her used to our brushing her two tiny teeth, stimulating her in new ways so she can reach new heights, and just enjoying her. Today she almost said "kitty cat!" I said it first and put Shasta up on her exersaucer, and she uttered something very close! That's my girl!
The other day I just about died laughing. She was on my hip as I rummaged around our pantry for a snack while waiting for the lasagna to finish baking. I grabbed a shimmering blue and gold wrapped chocolate bar that James, er, the Easter Bunny, put in my basket. She grabbed it from me and had a death grip on it, so I allowed her to handle it in her Ocean Wonders bouncer while I took a phone call. I returned to find that she had knawed a hole at the corner of the bar with her two bottom teeth, and was licking the choco right out! It was all over her face and bib, and she was really going to town! Delicious! I wished I'd had my camera, so I videotaped it instead. Then, I took the chocolate away from her for fear that it could upset her tiny tummy. Like mother, like daughter. Like Mimi, like granddaughter!
She's out of 9 mos. clothes now, and has a slew of cute dresses from Mimi, Grandma, Aunt Tiffany and "Aunt Katie" for this spring and summer. Headbands to match. Gonna have to get another camera as soon as we can afford it!
We miss and love all of you who are so far away, and hope that this little journaling I've done makes you feel connected to us.
Lots of Love,
The Washington Tannebergers