Thursday, December 11, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!



A Poem. About Socks. By Me.

Ye widow socks galore,
Your sight I do abhor.
For trailing through my mind,
Each straggler I must find!
But lo the search is tough,
Cuz kids, they kick them off!

Sweet Babe in Matilda Jane (gift from Adria)


We did not even plan for the girls to match so nicely!  Each dress had a turkey on the lower side! 

 Linc picked pecans by the basket!

On Grandpa's new dear stand.

Wendy made this!

For our 10th anniversary, Wendy created this all by herself!  She wrote it without help, and used the computer independently, too!  Wow!
I thought I had posted it already, but it looks like I hadn't, so here it is!  I just LOVE it!!!