Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phew! Partied out!

Beauty and the... Beast!
Since November, we've avoided processed food, for the most part.  We dish out raw produce (we shave the carrots, and I split them length-wise to reduce the choking hazard, and we call them what Mimi calls them, "Bugs Bunny Carrots!"), and along with the WIDEspread craze, a lot of gluten-free options (why not, eh?), and this hot dog is devoid of the nitrates and other additives inherent in most 'dawgs.  Yes, it is more expensive, but if we had a FARM, it wouldn't be!  BUT IT WOULD!  I just have to chuckle to myself when a friend with a self-sustaining slice of Heaven recently shared with me all of the dang costs associated with maintaining a crop, animals, etc.  It's really quite amusing how there really is no easy or low-cost way to attain a pure diet.  We just make it a priority.  And James added me to his Aerofit membership, so now the kids play for an hour there while I do zumba, yoga or pilates.  Or weights.  This summer, I'll take them to the pool!
During Easter break, Wendy made this basket below, and I think it's clever!
And I think this is just....goofy.
Wendy at a friend's party.  Oh, the great fun these kids had!

Birthday Girl

I love this one for some reason.
And this one of her classmate!
From part of her school project (make a bug from items found in your home.)  We made about four bugs!
Just having fun with Daddy~

Night of the Auction.  It was so much fun!  We took calls on tv!
But Linc did NOT want to let me go!
He didn't really want to let me go at my moms' Bible study either.
But I had to go because we were surprising our friend with a birthday celebration!
One sweet night, before to bed...
At another birthday party!
This boy is such a darling, and the other girl, the Birthday Girl!
I promised to make fizzy fun with baking soda and vinegar!
ANOTHER birthday party! 

Friend at church~
One of Wendy's creations--it's my van gassing up!
"Oh, okay.  Now you look like a lady."
Linc is OBSESSED with money, y'all.  He finds all money.  Everywhere.  Even the fake kind.
Fun with braids...
These are half-French braids, with hair gathered from the top parts only.  Like a suspension bridge.
Teacher's birthday surprise!
The poster card I made for Wendy's teacher.  All the kids signed their names inside the balloons.
I loved their get-ups this one afternoon...

So before Wendy's recital, we lost her hair piece.  So!  I borrowed her friend's, bought materials at the fabric store, and viola!  My "imposter!"
The big night!  I love that her hair is long enough for me to do anything with it!

Mimi and Grandma!
Aunt Tiff and Elly--
The Girls
Surprise party for our Bible study leader...Yeah, LOTS of birthdays and there are literally 5 more coming up in my calendar!
We (well, the talented one who sews), made her a Bible bag with our pic inserted!
From the day Wendy was sooo sick.  Then it was James.  Then Linc.  Not me yet!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photos of "The Late Flip Phone"

Well, my best friend, who graced my life with her best-friendness in the fall of 1997 or '98, on the fourth floor of Fowler Hall, did me a GINORMOUS favor recently.  Yes, she gave me her old I-phone as her company bestowed upon her the new version.  Y'all, my old flip-phone....I thought it was decent.  I was WRONG!  I am loving, LURVING my (new to me) I-phone technology.  I can't get over how I can be in a place, snap a pic and then connect to the Internet and e-mail it to friends and family, then touch Pandora, listen to ANY SONG ON EARTH, browse yahoo news, and then call my folks.  All this---WITHOUT GOING HOME TO MY LAPTOP!!!  I was going to let Wendy play with my old flipper until James told me he wasn't sure if the electronic signal or something might be harmful to her.  I tossed it in the trash but not until after I blogged the pics from it!  Sooo...
Below, Wendy and Linc at her school's talent show!  Speaking of my bff, two sisters performed a song Nicki and I used to sing together, "Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters!.." from White Christmas, I believe!
Below, cute pic of Linc loving on a pup at the mall. Someday...maybe.
Wendy and her group taking professional pics at the studio. I couldn't resist snapping a couple of my own (in between their flashes, of course!)
The few below are from when I took the kids to campus to send off my Aggie Ring, for re-sizing, don't'cha know. It cost me only $10!!! And they cleaned and polished it for me, and it looked brand new a few weeks later! WHOOP!
At the park, Linc fed a squirrel, who came right up to us!
A ride at Walmart, below, and below that one, well, come on nah, don't you ever get the urge to cram yourself into a tiny little car?!
Linc played with this console at a computer/video game store (I don't know the difference, if there is one), and low and behold! "Link" came on the screen! It was WEIRD!
So there is this show. Impractical Jokers. Sometimes it is on the crude side, but usually, these buddies set up these HYSTERICAL scenarios, and I literally laugh until I cry. It's so dang funny because ---it's funny. I laugh at my older brother, Walker, for his similar sense of humor. One day, while watching my beloved jokers, I SAW WALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I rewound, froze the monitor, snapped a pic, shot it to Walker and others, word back. I wonder if secretly, Walker is the master-mind of this series. Fess up!
Now, for some absolute sweetness. This, my little neice among the dolls. Isn't she a doll, herself?!
At the kids' museum...
Christmas Morning~
Wendy and Friend~
Massage Chair!
The day of Wendy's glucose test. You can tell from James' foot, danging there, that he was wiped out. Wendy and Linc, being the children they are, thank God, playing, even in the midst of a real storm. Update is that she tested negative for the "known" forms of MODY. No answers for her blood sugar spikes, but for now, we will thank the Lord for the fact that at this point, (and prayerfully, never), she does not quite fit the Type 1 diagnostic criteria. God is great. I want to blog about this more later on. And about my grandmother--it will make sense later.
A La Vernia game, visiting another town. Fun!
Wendy and Morgan, enjoying a movie. I had learned a new braid, so I took this pic of her hair.
From the morning of my handsome nephew's first communion!
Okay, my mom is going to be bugged by this pic, but I HAVE to post it, because it cracks me up. And, it cracks Walker up, too. Sorry Mom!
And to make her feel better, so that she doesn't fret others will think I've been clobbered in the face with a pan, a normal pic, which I took just to reassure her.
My wonderful Bible study friends surprised me on my birthday. I love them all!
Wendy and a darling friend, followed by Linc at the pool LAST summer and enjoying a car ride!

Cute bust at treat shop off campus~
Linc at a play place in Houston~
Second haircut out.  Now, I trim it.  His look is unique, I guess you could say, especially with my attempt to tame his super light blond chicken hair!
At a play place near my friend, Julie's, house.  This "sand" was a MESS to get rid of!  In my van, on those shorts permanently!
Mall play time.  I look forward to when they re-do the play area at our mall.  It's so old.

"Does this hat make me look grown?"
We love handling the teensy pups. 
In our old town house....
I took this pic at the paint store----of white painting pants.  Why on Earth are painting pants WHITE?!!!!
"So, did you hear the one about the..."

Ren Fest, on James' and my anniversary.
An early karaoke experience.
At the coffee shop...I was in the habit of taking him with me, along with a bag of marble run pieces. 
Thor, of course.

The look of "full, thank you very much."
Mimi with Linc...

Nothing like free entertainment at the local carwash!

Just pretty.  God is a magnificent artist, isn't He?
Taking our cat (hopefully with a new loving family by now), to the vet.
Well, that's it for the old phone.