Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Father Daughter Dance

Little Mothers

Friday night we had our neighbors, Crystal and Jesse, and their two daughters, Taylor and Haley over, and, well, this speaks for itself!

"I'm learning here!"

Wendy loves her Baby Einstein video! Take a look at that concentration face!

Blessed Me

I am so blessed to have Wendy on Aunt Missy's Bootcamp schedule! She takes three naps daily, each roughly 2 hours, and goes down without so much as a whimper! She sleeps through the night, and when I go in to her at 6 or 7-ish, she is entertaining herself, and then hears my voice and looks up at me like this...Sigh, thank you Lord for my daughter!!

Shasta, Our One, *sniff*, Cat

Some of you know that our beloved cat, Daisy, disappeared shortly before I gave birth to Wendy. It is a sadness that I have in my heart. She was the very best cat I have ever had. The day she left, she was eerily affectionate. That night, she mewed outside our upstairs bedroom window, on the roof, and we decided not to let her in as it was becoming a bad habit. I never saw her again. I was told cats sense the baby's arrival and don't like it, so they leave. Also, neighbors spotted several large raccoons in our 'hood, so that scares me. I cried and cried over that one. Now I hear we have cayotes too. Wendy is a superior replacement, but I do still miss and want my Daisy Cat too! Here is Shasta, with her hint of happiness at being the only beast in our home. I love her too.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Today's Entry

Well, if this is a sort of journal, then I think I'll write about what's on my mind, naturally.....cookies. I might go make some. Bye! I know, I don't have anything to say today, but I like to use this space as a photo album. Can ya tell?! It's more about saving images from Wendy's first year for her to see when she is old enough to appreciate it! Here are some playful angles from this morning. Sigh, I love her.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Wendy's Nursery

Visit to Dr. Miller

Yesterday we visited Dr. Miller, Wendy's pediatrician, and she is in the 80th percentile overall. He said she has great head control, and her 1st diaper rash turned out to be a yeast infection from her antibiotics! Today, in addition to her cream, we had prescribed diaperless time. Little did James know that his brand new truck bed tarp (never before used) would serve its first purpose as a tee-tee and poo poo catcher! She also got her shots again today and she did NOT like one moment of it!

Little Swimmer!

We joined Bally's as a family earlier this week! As a 4-month old, Wendy can be with us in the warmed family pool. Once she turns 6 mos., she can go to the Kiddie Corral! Two nights ago, we went and played with our little fish in the pool!

My Darling

I just love how Wendy is becoming Miss Personality these days! She surprises me with her girly coo's, her little squeeks of delight, her responsiveness! Here are some recent shots that I'm so fond of!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Well, today is one of God's most beautiful days if you ask me! I awoke at 7 to the tune of my daughter's coos, arose, went in to her, and glanced out her nursery window to behold flittery flakes of snow drifting down to the copious piles on car tops and mailboxes. A thick blanket covered our streets. Everything is white, pure, flawless, as we are seen by God, made acceptable by His son's awesome sacrifice. I think I'll write a poem...
Imagine me,
A tired car,
that rushes 'round,
and travels far,
In search of love,
In search of life,
In search of ending
all the strife,
My tires are scarred,
and cloaked with dirt,
Critical stares,
I try to skirt,
But washing me
does not erase
the history
of my life's chase,
Then suddenly,
white snow descends,
and all my hurts
begin to mend,
The eyes above
no longer see
the disheveled mess
that became me,
A gift was sent
My search was through,
T'was Jesus Christ,
who made me new!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Christmas Day, and days following, in La Vernia!

It's Jan. 15th, but now that we're back home in Washington, I have down-loaded the rest of our holiday pictures and am happy to post them! First, is one of Wendy on Pappy the bull calf at the Tanneberger Ranch! Next is of the wonderful reunion I enjoyed with my dear college friends Nicole and Julie. We lunched at Kobe Japanese Steak House and swapped gifts and news! I love them! Then here is Wendy with (her cousin?) Avery Christmas day. Then here's a beautiful one of her with Grandma Tanneberger, and one with GREAT Grandma Tanneberger! A fantastically blessed Christmas. Thank you Lord.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Hayden Noel is Born!

Backtracking a bit (now that I have the pictures from James), on December 14th (which is my niece, Eva Rose, and my father's birthday!), beautiful Hayden Noel was born to my dear friend, Leslie, and her husband, Jeremy in Portland! I was sooo sad that I had to miss it as Wendy and I were in the air on our way to our Houston family's home for Christmas. I did, however, get the treasured chance to chat with Leslie on my cell once our plane landed and we were waiting to get off. James was back at home and he was happy to visit them in the hospital. Hayden was 9 lbs., 9 ounces, and was, IS, a dream! She looks like Leslie with a touch of Jeremy here and there I think. I SO look forward to seeing them all, and introducing my daughter to her daughter! Right now, my mom and I are going out with Wendy to shop for Hayden gifties! Posted by Picasa

Liz and Damian's Wedding Pictures!

My friend Liz's wedding photos are up! One month after Wendy Lynn's birth, believe it or not, I had to squeeze into a bridesmaid's dress that had been ordered almost two years before! Who knew?!?!?! Two weeks after her birth, my mother was still visiting with us in Washington, and we made a desperate trip to a seamstress to see if in any way I could possibly get into this pumpkin and cognac dress! With an inch out here, and an inch out there, and my very first girdle, it worked, barely, right up until I popped the seams, here and there, dancing the night away at the reception! Liz was absolutely stunning, as you can see from the shots, and her groom was too! Below are five pictures, including one of our parents kissing. My folks are right smack dab in the middle. My best college girlfriend, Nicole, is flashing an adorable smile in the middle of our line of bridesmaids. Ah, how I miss her!

Christmas Eve in Houston

Christmas Eve was spent with my family in H-town! There were a SLEW of kiddos! My bro, Walker, and his wife, Missy's three children Shep (3), Eva Rose (2), Maggie (1), and currently-womb-bound baby boy due in April, my bro, Sean, and his wife, Stephanie's baby girl, Hattie Ruth, born on the 4th of July, my Aunt Karen and Uncle Dan's three boys, Devon, Wesley and Victor, and then of course, our Wendy Lynn! My grandma was there, and so were her friends Suzon and Clay. A big crowd for sure. Tons of toys and oceans of wrapping paper. Our family is growing and growing. Next year we'll have our new little Dollahon boy!
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"The Triplets"

Today was a ton of fun! We went out with my cousin, Christie, and her son, Luke, who is 6 days older than Wendy, my sister-in-law, Stephanie, and her daughter, Hattie Ruth, who is 2 mos. older than Wendy, Christie's mom, Becky Kay, my mom, and my grandmother. We lunched at Cafe' Express, and then visited my Grandmother at her University Place apartment. We all were so tickled when at Cafe' Express, passers by wondered if the three babes were triplets as they are roughly the same size! Sooo fun to have all our babies together for the first time, but not the last time I'm sure!
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