Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hostess Habits

The week we had Rowan and Ava over, I placed the two girls on James' chair, covered their sweet little girl legs with this soft blanky, and gave each girl a small bowl of Cheerios. Wendy remembered this cuz today when Hayden was over, she got up on the chair and demanded "banket, cheelios and Hanen." Awwwwwww.........
Another hysterical memory dating back a week or two ago. You know that musical sound your laptop makes when you turn it on? Well, I thought Wendy was asleep in her room next door when I turned mine on. It played its quick music ditty, and I heard Wendy go, "Again!" Then she was silent. Funny girl.

Last Night

Wendy and Ava having old-fashioned fun running in and out of the line of fire...
Who needs a kiddie pool when you've got a sprinkler?


Sunday Night

Sunday, we had two families over for dinner. Luz, Mike and Elizabeth Mabel, and then our neighbors, Claudia, Carlos, Santiago and Sophia. I made my mom's King Ranch Casserole, and the kids actually liked it! Yay!


We had our neighborhood garage sale this last Sat., and we didn't do too well, but I did get to see my friend, Misty, and her baby, Brielle! Is that not the sweetest smile???

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Female Walker

Walker, my bro, is one of my favorite people on Earth because he makes me laugh. Well, Wendy makes me laugh too because, like him, she's a wonderful spazzzz!!!
She called her dinner, "brown meat food."


My wonderful mother sent me two pregnancy T's in these two padded envelopes. Wendy LOVED it when I put one on her head, so then she put it on Pooh's head. She's the cutest.

Zoo Trip

Earlier in the week, we met up with Marilyn and her daughter, Autumn at the zoo! Marilyn's moving away, and I'm really sad about that, but I'm hoping to get chances to catch up along the road of life. The girls were really sweet.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Expecting Joy

This picture was taken Father's Day evening. Colleen and Troy offered to watch Wendy so that the two of us could go out for dinner and discuss our happy new discovery without the distraction! We went to Presidente Mexican Restaurant. James got a couple of margaritas. I drank water of course. Fajitas. Yum. Today James came up with "Bitty" for baby's name until we know the gender. So...
"Mommy and Daddy love you, Bitty."

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yes, we are!!!

James and I decided, on the first of this month, that we were ready to have another child. So, right after we started trying, I started "feeling" pregnant. I read up on the early symptoms of pregnancy, and I had every single one of them. Of course, they're similar to pms symtoms, but I just knew that with the timing and all..I told James and a few friends I "felt" pregnant, but it had been only a week or less, so I sounded really crazy I bet. My neighbor friend, Julie, for whom I'd babysat her Ava, delighted me with a beautiful "e.p.t. bouquet." It included two tests. James thought it was too early, but I talked him into it, so we took the first one the day before yesterday, and it was faint. I took the other one, by myself, today, after we got back from church, while James was wishing his father a happy father's day on the phone. It was a good couple shades DARKER! So, I found a necklace box, placed the positive test inside, tied up a blue and pink ribbon, and gave it to him out in our backyard. I told him I'd "forgotten" to give him his last Father's Day present. So, YAY GOD! I'm worried about getting really sick again in a few weeks, so please pray that I'm stronger and can take care of Wendy. That's my first concern with regards to this pregnancy. Thanks and God bless you all.

Babysitting Central

This last week, I watched three neighbors' kids, and Wendy was thrilled to have the play-days! The first photo is of Wendy with Rowan, her age, the second is of her with Ava, also her age, and the third is of Anna Marie, 3, Cole, 8 I think, and Wendy.

Sunday following the wedding...

Our friends, the Shroeders, came over, and we had a ball. Below is a picture of Angela, their little ballerina, whom we got to see perform, playing with Wendy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jeff and Kathryn's Wedding

Attended this awesome wedding Sat. James plays softball with both the bride and groom. We knew only the two of them (I really don't know them), and the groom's brother is James' coworker, Theresa's, husband, John. So, we were WEDDING CRASHERS! It was neat feeling all incognito! I took lots of photos, and since I didn't know the other guests and couldn't ask them to pose for me without feeling annoying, I took creative shots, a couple of which are below!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Today's Highlights..

Fishy face in the water. How appropriate!
She's so LONG!!!!!!!!!!

Play Date Yesterday

Leslie and Hayden

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Today we went swimming at Firstenburg Center. We arrived at 11:45 and learned that family swim time wasn't until 1, so we waited and roamed the building. Then, after a few minutes, a boy split his head open and bled in the pool (I said a prayer that he is okay), so OUT everyone! We hung out in the locker room for a half hour, wet and shivering, and then finally were allowed back in. Wendy had gone through her two swimming diapers already, so I had to put a regular one on, and it swelled to the size of a small watermelon once back in the water. She was getting sleepy now. Ah well. That's life, no?