Thursday, September 24, 2009

Joyful Learning Celebrates Wendy's Birthday!

Miss Bonnie called and asked me to pick a day to honor Wendy's 3rd birthday, so here it is!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where'd She Go?

Where'd She Go?

Once I had a baby girl,

Hairless head-not even a curl!

Round and pudgy, part of me

By my side, she chose to be

Life of my life, I didn't mind

So I never ever left her behind

But it seems like overnight she fled

By becoming a "big girl" and running ahead!

My arms were outstretched, "Come back!" I cried

But you had grown wings and were happy to fly

So I did not chase, and I held my tongue

And I told myself, "It's alright, she's still young"

My baby girl is gone, I know

And time is passing---not so slow

And I can see how others say

"You'll blink and James will give her away,"

So I will do my very best

To cherish every moment, blessed

And take my pictures, and video tape

And carry my baby in memory's safe.

I love you, Wendy Lynn, AKA The Woo Loo, and I'm proud of you for being a big girl and starting preschool and I hope that you'll never feel that I have anything other than love and high hopes for your life and future in Christ! I'm so blessed to be your mom. Love, Me.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Katie Lee Photography!

Here are the photos my dear friend, Katie, took while we were visiting. First are two from the shower for Linc (she made the cupcakes, too!). Then here are the maternity portraits and a few of Wendy at the Butterfly Garden! Katie of Katie Lee Photography is awesome! She's patient with the kids and really has "an eye." Anyone reading my blog who's local, she's coming to visit us mid-October. Let me know if you'd like her to shoot your family. She's fantastic!

Wendy and her cousin, Hattie, opening their dolls at Wendy's mini party at Mimi's. I love Hattie's expression!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

An Eventful Post!

I have a lot of catching up to do on this blog. I'll journal first. Prior to flying out to Texas, to see our family and friends, we did a couple of fun things. We took Wendy to Ava's birthday party, and James and I celebrated his birthday with a date followed by surprise cake and icecream at our babysitter's family's house! Also, James participated in Hoops by the River, a basketball tournament fund raiser for at risk kids. I took a funny pic of Wendy there on the ground, looking homeless and absolutely pitiful. We just returned from our trip, and while there, my kidney infection raised its ugly head again. I got sick on the second flight to San Antonio. James was on a different plane. Wendy asked me, "Mommy, what are you doing?" to which a kind woman replied, "Your mommy is getting sick but she's going to be okay in just a minute!" Then Wendy began imitating me. It was aweful. I rallied and had a great time the first couple of days but then just declined. James had to fly back here for work. On the 5th day, my folks picked us up in Columbus and that night, I was admitted to the hospital with a fever over 102, plummeting blood pressure and pain like you would not believe. The next 4 days in the hospital were terrifying for me. They kept checking on Lincoln throughout the days and nights and I had become aware by then that pyelonephritis can end a pregnancy. I prayed to my Lord without ceasing. I could not keep food or water down, but I just clinged to the hope that the fluids and vitamin bag would sustain him. Praise God, they did! Soon after I was discharged, I was surprised by the bestest friends and family (my sister n' law, Stephanie, Katie and Julie!) in the world with a shower for Lincoln!!! It was fabulous! And I got to spend time with good friends, Julie and Katie. Katie did my maternity portraits and portraits of Wendy in the butterfly garden (Katie's sending me the pics and then I'll post them!), and on the last evening, we threw Wendy a mini party. Upon returning, I was thrilled to see that James had made us a sort of patio out of pavers, and he did a fantastic job! Today, the 5th, we had Wendy's big birthday party at the carousel and train party room at the mall. So now here are the pictures...
Wendy giving Ava her gift...

James getting the birthday boy special!

Our homeless daughter...

Grandma made Aunt Tiffany's old room into Wendy's new room!

With Grandpa...

The Baby Boy Train!

Tea Party!

Feeding the cows...

Aren't I lovely in my new tiara?

Kissing "Uncle Cousin Tony."

With Nicole and Yankton!

At the Church Festival!

"Isn't my grandma pretty?"

On my death bed...

I was so sick, I shrunk.

"Lincoln James"

These two are obviously out of sequence. We did this last!

Our first guest!
"I get to sit next to Drew!"
True friendship!
James with Anna and Wendy.
Ari and her mom.
Nate with his girls. He's also got a son to be born next month.
Lilly, Ben and Jack!
The girls got wings and the boys got army helmets!
Adelai, Anna, Wendy, Ari, Ava and Brielle (crying, poor baby).
The spread...We also served pizzas--we've got a lot left over. Wanna come over?
Our patio! James wows me!