Friday, December 12, 2008

'06--Nice, '07--Naughty, '08--Nice

Christmas Fun!

Leslie and Hayden arrive for my "ladies' brunch!" We had quiche, fresh fruit, apple strudel and I got to use my new birthday coffee pot, and Shaunna brought delicious lemon poppy seed scones! Yum!
Sara with her Elaina and Shaunna with her Eli.
Yesterday morning, Miss Wendy and I went to MUMS group for the cookie-decorating party! Wendy loved rolling out the dough and especially loved eating the finished product! Thank you, Lisa!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Civil War Party

About a week or so ago, we hosted a Civil War party--Oregon Ducks Vs. Oregon Beavers. Two families came over and we did nachos and other snacky stuff, and it was FUN! I bought giant coloring books and washable markers and crayons and the kids had such a good time. Wendy LOVES Holly (1st picture) and below is a picture of her in her Rebecca's lap (her babysitter). She adores Rebecca too!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Sacred Desire

Who were we before we became Mommy and Daddy?
Did anything we ever long for in life come close to the joy and wonder only brand new life can bring?
James, Wendy and I are a family. We are a set of three with Christ in the center, and we share a sacred desire to grow.
My urologist gave me the green light to try again, so this month is the first effort. Please remember us in your prayers as I am somewhat afraid of another miscarriage. That said, I must also put my trust in the Lord, knowing that to worry is sin, and that should He choose to allow us another loss, it is His will and is for a purpose in Heaven. Glory be to God.

A Few Little Glimpses

Some pictures I failed to post in a timely manner-as per usual! From the top, down we have Thanksgiving at Luz and Mike's. I made the turkey, stuffing, corn casserole and had made the gravy but SPILLED it all over right outside our front door, so we had to go get some at the grocery store. Eew. Then, we have The Woo Loo talking to her Mimi on the phone, and finally, one of her wearing a cape, backwards, at Cafe Sip N' Play.