Monday, December 31, 2007

Tiffany's Bridal Shower

One of the first things we did upon arriving here in Texas was throw Tiffany's bridal shower at my bf, Nicole's, house in San Antonio. It was a crazy fast and fun time and Tiffany was celebrated in a very special way with lots of "a few of our favorite things."
Unfortunately, once in La Vernia for Christmas Eve days with James' family, his father became very sick and we took him to the hospital, where he remains until he is well enough to leave. James and his mother spent nights at his bedside, and we stayed on through Christmas and a few days more. Praise the Lord he is improving.
Please pray for his continued healing.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ah, what a day.

First of all, I found out my sis-in-law's pregnant! She's got her little Hattie Ruth, born 17 mos. ago, and now there will soon be another! I'm super excited. This Christmas will be fun. Wendy RAN today for the first time, so I can just see her runnin' 'round with all of her cousins in Mimi's house---There will be my cousins who are all still little boys, Devon, Wesley and Victor, and Wendy's 1st cousins, all under 4 years of age, starting with the eldest~Shep, Eva Rose, Maggie, Hattie and Ike. I know my mom, so I know there will be dolls, beeping trucks and lots for these kids to toss about. I am so exhausted at the moment. I'm running around with last-minute errands, cookie-baking for neighbors, wrapping and packing tons of gifts, and we just finished a round of holiday parties. Friday night we had a Christmas fellowship at Calvary Baptist, Saturday night was a joyous neighborhood progressive dinner FOR WHICH we HIRED our first little babysitter!!! J's friend, Rob's daughter is 15 and very bright. We picked her up, showed her the ropes of Wendy's world, thanked her, paid her, and drove her home. It was nice! I trust her so I worried little (I would say not at all, but come on, Woo Loo's my world!) I am so much more in love with babies and children now that I've been so blessed to experience motherhood these past 15 mos. Whereas before I'd think, "Cute kid. Love that laugh," and was content to just observe their quirky behaviors and marvel at their precious facial expressions accompanied by lilty voices, now I have to interact, play with and cuddle them all! At the third neighbor's home, where we ate cheesecake and sipped cidar, the little girl tackled me with hugs and kisses and I wanted to cry, it was so sweet. I hope Wendy's an affectionate little girl, and I think she's shaping up to be, because she loves to kiss everything and us on the mouth! She hugs and tackles too. I'm so blessed! I look forward to watching the kids in action, witnessing their enthusiasm and spastic joy at all the presents Santa Claus brings, seeing each child's latest trick, and showing the Woo Loo off to her doting grandparents, aunts and uncles on both sides. The other day, Wendy picked up a dried pear from a bowl of decorations and said, "Apple!" The night we left for our progressive dinner, she noticed my pearls, touched them, and said, "pretty." She's starting to say more complex words now, which pleases me to no end. Every little thing she does amazes me, and the truly wondrous thing about my evolution as a mother is that I truly feel like I am a mother to all babies and children. I just love them all----so, so, so much more than I was able to before. My heart's filled up and I cannot even bear to watch a movie if a child is in any way harmed. Cannot tolerate to see it. Period. I'm so overjoyed that the Lord continues to bless our family with more children, and it is with open arms that I welcome my brother and his wife's new, tiny blessing.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Is our little girl normal?

Today Wendy put this red bucket on her head and, well, walked into walls.


This is AWESOME! A man who believes, has convictions, and is not a coward will always get my vote. Ron Paul appears to be a good choice too. With regards to this candidate's statement of faith, you know, I honestly wonder how anyone can not believe in God. It requires a higher suspension of one's disbelief in order to believe that we came from nothing more than pondbottom organisms or monkeys, which are an entirely different creature altogether. In fact, the professor who sketched the embryos of various lifeforms did so fraudulently and was fired from his university, yet his drawings remain in public school life science textbooks---to suit some agenda. And the whole big bang theory---okay, so the first event to put life into motion was an explosion? What caused that explosion? Does that question not stump atheists? What was the true first force? A divine will is the only believable answer! Check this out:

Bubbles, Bubbles

"Do I look like Santa wiff dees bubbles on my chin?"

The Cutest Baby Shower Cupcake IN THE WORLD!

Went to my friend, Lisa's, baby shower, and Christie, the hostess, made these cupcakes! I'm impressed.

Monday, December 03, 2007

"You better not pout I'm telling you why!"

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!
Too bad the Woo Loo wasn't "feeling it" on this particular afternoon. I asked Santa if she was still a good enough girl to get a present from him this year, and he said, and I quote, "Many children cry upon my lap, but I've met only THREE little children who were truly naughty, and that was just because their hearts weren't good." I wonder if he's been kicked.

In a new winter dress....

'Love her pensive expression and pose...what is she thinking, you might wonder. "Coo-KIE...Where can I find one?" probably.

Locked and Loaded and ready to shop!

At the grocery store...She doesn't like this system too much. Gets fussy in it.

Is it Christmas time already?!

Wendy was enchanted with this mechanical yet life-like pony. And then, at Cosco, she sure did adore that big, oversized sheepdog. It reminds me of movies like Big, you know, the fancy toy store with all of the exaggerated GINORMOUS stuffed animals.

Dinner at the Lind's

Wendy and her bestest friend, Hayden, in matching black velvet skirts and cream tights, a gift from my mom.

Carrot Stew, Anyone?

At Cafe Sip N' Play, Wendy can entertain herself for up to two hours at this kitchen station, stirring up play soup and a feisty attitude when any other toddler approaches the stove. I am going to have to start figuring out a way to discipline her I'm afraid. I've never been stern with her at all, so I don't know how to bring myself to be tough on her, but I cannot let her get into the habit of shoo-ing other kids away from her when she doesn't want to share. She swatted this poor girl and furrowed her brow and looked her directly in the face and said, "No NO!," and SHOVED her! Not good I know. I want Wendy to become a little girl that other little children invite to their birthday parties, but she won't be very well-liked if she's a pickle. She's just so dang cute though. Even when she's a pill. Ugh.

Love her Legs

I used to pray what might be a ridiculous prayer, okay, it wasn't an actual prayer per se, but it was a hope, a desire, a vision, if you will. I used to hope that if my baby would turn out to be female, that she would inherit her father's mother's cheerleader legs and not my bowed legs. She got his mother's legs! They're straight and cute, cute! I'm overjoyed! James has cuts in his thighs and ahem, bottom, and so does Wendy! Like a little muscular Woo Loo! A vertical cut on the sides of her thighs and the most compact, cutie pattoottie caboose I ever changed. Like two little isolated mini hamburger buns plopped down above two little hamhocks. James' mom has legs that are so shapely and darling with little sundresses, and I'm just so pleased that Wendy's legs are little Mini Sharon legs. Yay God! My legs, at her age, were like comma's. Little freaky "C" shapes. And I never rode horses.

Thanksgiving with the Shroeders

A great time was had by all.

To Woodburn Shopping Center!

On our way to the outlet mall for Christmas shopping (where we met up with the lovely Leslie and Hayden Noel).

Girlfriend likes to veg and watch toons while Mommy browses the duds behind her! Right after I took this shot, she somehow, don't ask me how, managed to tumble onto the floor and scream her head off. Funny girl.

Restaurants can be HARD!!!

This is me, snapping two shots of James while holding Wendy, trying to get her to enjoy her meal out, but in vain. Lately, we wind up taking turns pacing around with her while the other snarfs their food up quickly. So SAD! Ah, such is life! "Excuse me maam, do you have take-out boxes? We're sorry but we're gonna have to box all this up and get this lil' girl home. We don't want to ruin the atmosphere for other diners." Our new mantra.

Monday, November 19, 2007

To the Park

Before the weather turned so brutal, I took Woo Loo to the neighborhood park right around the corner from our house. She pushed her walker the whole way! I love the glow of the shot of her under the wood play structure boards. Wendy's been very darling and lovable lately. She kisses us on the mouth, legs, and feet a LOT. She actually makes the smacking smooching noises. She does this because we adore it and really encourage her with "Aww"s. Last night, she kissed James' socked foot at least 2 dozen times because we praised her so much. Don't worry. Clean socks. She snuggles more now too. James has taught her "tank tu" although she says it as she gives things to US as well! For a while now, she's known most of the animals EITHER by name or by the noise they make. Looking through a baby animal book, turning the pages, she will say, "Baaaaa" if she sees sheep, "arr arr" if she sees puppy dogs, "Mow" or "Kee Kaa" if she sees a cat, "DUCK-EE!" if she sees a duck, "RARR" if she sees a bear (or "Bay"), "Dee" for dear, and so on. She mimics singing too. So funny. If I clap my hands, she will. If I tilt my head from shoulder to shoulder, she will too as she makes sing-song noises!

Woo Loo

A little elfin lives in our house! I heard her making noises in our kitchen downstairs, and behold! Little elf wobbling 'round just a'grinnin' at me. Oh, and I love the one of her nearly falling backwards, but she corrected herself, as she often does, and kept on walking. Funny looking though, huh?