Monday, July 10, 2006

Apizza Scholls

Well, my good friend, Julie, told me about Apizza Scholls some time back, saying she'd heard it was rated #1 or #3 or something like that in the country! I have to say, it is phenomenal. We've had it twice now. They make their limit of dough at the start of the day, and then they turn people away and close up shop when they run out. They use all sorts of wonderful cheeses, and one pizza is without tomatoe sauce! The crust is fantastic with black blisters and that smokey, oven-baked flavor! It's always crowded and busy, there's always a wait, and it's funny that this famous joint is just that, a small little restaurant wedged between other businesses! Everyone's gotta come out and visit us and partake of Apizza Scholls!

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