Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Please don't hate me!

I really struggled, wondering if I should post these pictures, because they're gross, but oh-so-cute too! Yesterday, on our way to a get-together with friends, she got sick. We wound up going to Fred Meyer for a big box of wipes and a new outfit. I think I took too many turns driving or something. I felt sooo bad, but after she got sick, she felt great and gave me these precious, precious faces!

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Kyle & Lori Bethancourt said...

Laurel! I had a similar struggle today. John was in his jumper and poo-ed a GIANT puddle on the floor of the bathroom and then was using his foot as a brush to draw giant strokes in said puddle of poo. It was so absolutely disgusting and cute at the same time. I really wanted to take a picture b/c he seemed so unbothered but ended up cleaning it very quickly. Should've captured the shot....HA!