Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yes, we are!!!

James and I decided, on the first of this month, that we were ready to have another child. So, right after we started trying, I started "feeling" pregnant. I read up on the early symptoms of pregnancy, and I had every single one of them. Of course, they're similar to pms symtoms, but I just knew that with the timing and all..I told James and a few friends I "felt" pregnant, but it had been only a week or less, so I sounded really crazy I bet. My neighbor friend, Julie, for whom I'd babysat her Ava, delighted me with a beautiful "e.p.t. bouquet." It included two tests. James thought it was too early, but I talked him into it, so we took the first one the day before yesterday, and it was faint. I took the other one, by myself, today, after we got back from church, while James was wishing his father a happy father's day on the phone. It was a good couple shades DARKER! So, I found a necklace box, placed the positive test inside, tied up a blue and pink ribbon, and gave it to him out in our backyard. I told him I'd "forgotten" to give him his last Father's Day present. So, YAY GOD! I'm worried about getting really sick again in a few weeks, so please pray that I'm stronger and can take care of Wendy. That's my first concern with regards to this pregnancy. Thanks and God bless you all.


The Bethancourts said...

Congratulations you guys!!!!! Yippee....another baby T-berger on the way :)

Adam & Andrew said...

Oh how exciting!! Congratulations!!

Deirdre said...

what incredible timing! God is so good.