Monday, June 08, 2009

Mimi's Visit--TONS of photos!!!

We've enjoyed a fantastic three weeks with my mom, who came to help me take care of Wendy while I'm battling severe morning sickness--have lost about 12 lbs, which I could afford to lose, so not so bad. I am still sick, but improved, so I am thankful. Eggs are my thing. A boy? Mimi has single-handedly, and I'm happy to give her full credit, POTTY TRAINED my Woo Loo! AND, Wendy has slept in her toddler bed in her big girl room the past two nights! YAY MIMI! We've done a lot of fun things, even if in the beginning, it was mostly James, Wendy and my mom while I remained in my chamber of sickness. When finally I was strong enough for parts of the day time, it was a joy to be out of the house and out and about! Wendy gets smarter when my mom is here because she's a great teacher and really knows how to relate to small children, has the psychology down and is so gentle and encouraging. Wendy's IQ shoots up when she's influenced by her Mimi. Below are pics from her visit and little descriptions... Oh, and as per usual, following weeks of activity, I don't ever manage to post my pics in order, but at least you get to see what we did.

Second ultrasound of Kibble, and this was at 10 weeks. Notice his FEET up in the air!

The other evening, we went with neighbor friends to Fishers Landing Elem. for their school carnival. Wendy and Anna had a blast together in the bounce house and winning prizes!

Margarita at Catedral Tapatia. Need I say more?

Wendy shows off her artwork in the play area at IKEA.

My mom's new silver charm bracelet, a gift from us for her help and love. We engraved first charm with "Mimi, you're our angel. May 2009." We'll be adding charms for holidays etc.


Drawing! She's gaining so much more control now. She can even make smiley faces!

At play...

My mom did this with me, I do it with Wendy, and here she is feeding Wendy a cookie like a Mama birdie.

Waking with "scrambled egg hair," as Mimi loves to describe it!

Icecream at some water front shops... (Don't worry, that was for her to share with Mimi and James.)

At the Rose Garden.

This honkin' rose is from our front yard!

"If you give a cat a cupcake." Notice the sprinkles. Mimi bought them for cupcakes following the reading of the story! So special!

Wendy's and Luke's special tender moment!

Shopping for groceries...

First attempt at a bike!

After church Sunday, my mom wanted to capture our family, (so we let her).

Kibble and of course, Wendy's baby in her tummy too.

At the Japanese "eat house."

We went with Lisa and Luke to Fubonn Asian Market. She is due just before I am, and she also grew up in Japan! Her dad was a missionary. We got our favorite treats and popped quarters for the kiddos to enjoy some rides!

Watching our house get pressure-washed. We're getting it repainted soon. Not sure what color yet.

The day of my 10-week appt.

James and Wendy burning energy in Wendy's bounce house.

Anna and Wendy being soooo cute!

On Hawthorne St., in Portland, the owner of a chocolate shop gave us the tour and gave Wendy a complimentary chocolate lolly!

At Yuen Lui, where we had Wendy's portrait taken. I get the pics back any day and I'm so excited!!!

Twins at Jansen Beach Mall.

The set above is from The Oaks Park!

Above, Tillamook Cheese Factory (I was at home, sick.)

Cafe Sip N' Play.

Infused ginger tea, raw almonds and dried candied ginger from my sweet new neighbor, Carrie.

What I feel like most of the time.........Ugh.


Sean and Stephanie said...

Loved seeing all the pictures.

You are starting to show and look great!!!! I'm excited to find out if Kibble is a boy or girl! Are y'all gonna find out early or wait until D-day?

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I am glad you are feeling at least a little bit better! And YEA for Mimi's Potty Training Academy! I think I will sign up Ike next.

Teacher advice - try getting W to hold her pencils properly now instead of "fisting" it. It's a hard habit to break later!

Aunt Mis

Susan said...

Super cute, Laurel! Glad to see the photos and catch up with you. Let me know when you post more. Susan

Penny said...

Laurel and I followed the twins around the mall until we got up the courage to ask if we could take this photo! So cute! When they were born (193?) no one had any idea they were twins. Doc was DRUNK and prepared to stagger out the door after delivering the first when their father said,"Wait! Come back! There's another one!" Widowed, they live together - and shop together for sure! Just too cute!