Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where'd She Go?

Where'd She Go?

Once I had a baby girl,

Hairless head-not even a curl!

Round and pudgy, part of me

By my side, she chose to be

Life of my life, I didn't mind

So I never ever left her behind

But it seems like overnight she fled

By becoming a "big girl" and running ahead!

My arms were outstretched, "Come back!" I cried

But you had grown wings and were happy to fly

So I did not chase, and I held my tongue

And I told myself, "It's alright, she's still young"

My baby girl is gone, I know

And time is passing---not so slow

And I can see how others say

"You'll blink and James will give her away,"

So I will do my very best

To cherish every moment, blessed

And take my pictures, and video tape

And carry my baby in memory's safe.

I love you, Wendy Lynn, AKA The Woo Loo, and I'm proud of you for being a big girl and starting preschool and I hope that you'll never feel that I have anything other than love and high hopes for your life and future in Christ! I'm so blessed to be your mom. Love, Me.

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Julie Arnold said...

Awww - that made me cry!