Thursday, March 18, 2010

Additional Pics

Here are two tow-heads in my lappy-poo, being all sweet and cousin-like! These are the two youngest grandkids. Mary Ellen, my brother's younger daughter (of two) and Lincy-poo. Mary Ellen is extremely interested in Linc and loves to "kiss" him with her tilted head. It is just darling!
Here we have Hattie, Mary Ellen and The Woo Loo! And Pooh! (Of course!)
My idea, my dad's treat! Japanese dinner at Sasaki! Woo HOO!
My Aunt Karen loves Wendy and it shows. I think one thing that bonds the two of them together is their mutual girliness!
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I DO think they favor one another, no?

Today we visited one of my old college friends and roomies, Linda, and her daugther, Rebekah. The two girls clicked in dress-ups and giddy laughter and it was a sight to see! And WE girls (my mom and the two of us) truly enjoyed catching up, sharing medical horror stories and feasting on delish sandwiches and snacks!

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