Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon

Before you read on, below this post is like, 10 or more, new posts of old stuff!

My precious friend, Katie, and her nephew, at the church where our parents worship. She is such a talented photographer and a wonderful life-long friend in my life.

Following the service, my mom often has the family over for lunch. When we're in town, the cousins get to goof off together all afternoon into the evenings sometimes!

These 9 grand kids tear up Mimi's house, but Mimi is gracious and her heart is bigger than her headache! Or so she says!

Oh my GOSH! I am so BLESSED! For real. I totally, 100% love my brother, Walker's, crazy sense of Walker-ness, and always wanted someone in the next generation to grab the weird gene baton, and Wendy did! Just as Walker's beginning to mellow out---but not too much. Phew.

Niece pile-up!

I painted the girls' toes with supplies provided by Aunt Missy!

You may have noticed that these two had cute braided-back do's in the pic higher up. Well, they play so hard, their styles come loose, fall out, and we moms are left to walk the house in search of missing ribbons and clips, when we ourselves are tuckered out, and our hair has fallen!

"WE are doing Pop-Arty, Mom! You can't expect us to drop everything to find our 'hair-nice!'"

Three daughters of three siblings...Mags, The Woo Loo, and Hattie Ruth.

Wendy's vogue face. Don't laugh. By the way, Maggie, of all the kids, looks the most like me! Kind of funny, these genes!

Maggie, "Can I just shoot her? She's ridiculous." Hattie, "Am I gonna have to break this up? These two!"

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