Monday, December 11, 2006

New Life in the Tanneberger Household

The title of this entry is New Life in the Tanneberger Household. I mean new life (Wendy) as well as James' and my "new life." Much less sleep, but a lot more, "Aaaaawww...Isn't she CUTE?!"
This evening, Dec. 7th, we took her back to the doc for the 3rd time, and yup, her ear infection is still at large. So back on antibiotics we go! Other than that she's great. She's a chub, she's creamy and looks like she was carved from a block of vanilla icecream, and she's cooing now and it's the best! I can't get enough of kissing her. Her daddy sings to her, "Always have to steal my kisses from you-ooo!" I often can't believe how blessed we are. Only thing is I'd be even happier if she'd sleep through the night! But then, if things were totally perfect, it wouldn't be real life! So, we're working on it. James and I have to take turns because I was soooo sleep deprived, he had to take off work one day to watch Wendy while I slept at a hotel! It was crazy!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in and outside the Tanneberger home also! Our tree is up and decorated, little do-da's are here and there, and outside, we are SO proud of our bush! It's covered in rainbow lights! It's the best bush on the block! We have to laugh cuz some folks go all out, and we have our bush. It really is cute.
James' job is going well, I'm keeping busy with Wendy, and we'll be home (Texas) for Christmas. I think my mom is going to help me try to sleep-train Wendy, now that she's 3 mos. and over 13 pounds. We'll see how that goes. :)
We're really looking forward to seeing family and friends, and to catch up on THEIR lives!
I'm super exhausted now, and James has "Camp Wendy" tonight, so goodnight, God bless, and a big sloppy SMOOCH from Vancouver Washington! And now some photos from her birth week to present!

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