Monday, December 11, 2006

Dec. 8th Weekend Trip to Leavenworth

This last weekend we went to Leavenworth, a charming Bavarian town up in the mountains! It is A & E's #1 best holiday town! It felt like we were up in the Swiss Alps truly. It snowed non-stop, there were children sledding down the snowy hills, yodeling filled the crisp air through large speakers overhead, the aroma of bratwurst and sauekraut wafted through the busy streets, and tourists with funky hats shopped and shopped. The last evening was the lighting fest! All the shops turned on their holiday lights and the trees lit up! The town mayor prayed for our troups in Spanish and English, in Jesus' name, and wrapped up his speech with, "God bless the USA!" AMEN!

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Kyle & Lori Bethancourt said...

That looks like so much fun guys! And a whole lot of snow. Brrrr....chilly! I'm glad you updated the blog. Wendy is adorable and does, in fact, look like she was carved out of a block of vanilla ice cream :) yummy