Thursday, December 06, 2007


This is AWESOME! A man who believes, has convictions, and is not a coward will always get my vote. Ron Paul appears to be a good choice too. With regards to this candidate's statement of faith, you know, I honestly wonder how anyone can not believe in God. It requires a higher suspension of one's disbelief in order to believe that we came from nothing more than pondbottom organisms or monkeys, which are an entirely different creature altogether. In fact, the professor who sketched the embryos of various lifeforms did so fraudulently and was fired from his university, yet his drawings remain in public school life science textbooks---to suit some agenda. And the whole big bang theory---okay, so the first event to put life into motion was an explosion? What caused that explosion? Does that question not stump atheists? What was the true first force? A divine will is the only believable answer! Check this out:

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