Monday, December 03, 2007

Carrot Stew, Anyone?

At Cafe Sip N' Play, Wendy can entertain herself for up to two hours at this kitchen station, stirring up play soup and a feisty attitude when any other toddler approaches the stove. I am going to have to start figuring out a way to discipline her I'm afraid. I've never been stern with her at all, so I don't know how to bring myself to be tough on her, but I cannot let her get into the habit of shoo-ing other kids away from her when she doesn't want to share. She swatted this poor girl and furrowed her brow and looked her directly in the face and said, "No NO!," and SHOVED her! Not good I know. I want Wendy to become a little girl that other little children invite to their birthday parties, but she won't be very well-liked if she's a pickle. She's just so dang cute though. Even when she's a pill. Ugh.

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