Monday, February 04, 2008

Quirky Woo Loo Moments of Late

She is attached to "Bear," the Pooh bear that is in most of these shots, as well as "my," her green blanky, oh, and "Piggy," the pink pig. Sometimes in the evenings, when I'm giving her her "ba ba" (I know, I need to ween her off), she requests her "my," "bear," "piggy," and then it gets really ridiculous, and she also insists on her "puzzle," and "bow" (hair bow). Then, because that's not enough you know, she makes me rock her and sing, "Rock-a-bee-bee," so I am trying to rock her, her bear, her piggy, her my, her puzzle, her bow, while holding her ba ba and singing "rock-a-by-baby!" Sheesh! High maintenance?

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