Monday, February 04, 2008

Hello Again!

Well, I am down with an oppressive cold--yuck! James took me to our urgent care clinic yesterday, which is WONDERFUL and fits right in with Pleasantville (the name I've given to this area of Vancouver.) We were seen in just a few minutes, as we always are, and I was given a "virus purse" complete with green tea, antibacterial hand sanitizer, tissues, saline nose drops, etc. I love where we live. LOVE it. The folks are friendly (eerily so), the service at McDonalds is amazing (imagine goofy teenaged boys who call you maam and ask how your day is going---what boys this age MIGHT have been like in the 50's behind soda fountain counters!), nobody uses curse words and call rears benign things like "bottoms" or "backsides," neighbors bake cookies, children play at the neighborhood park while their mothers watch closely to make sure they don't eat dirt and that they share, the school sends the children home with semester-end scrapbooks of them with their accomplishments, and it's just wonderful. HOWEVER, we reeeeaaally miss friends in family in Texas, that's for sure.
Back to my cold. Yeah, downside to living in Vancouver is the dreary Fall and Winter months of bleak grey skies, no sun, and cold drizzly rain---and nasty colds. I got my first NETI POT, as recommended by my dear friend, "Dr. Katie!" It did make me feel better. It's a sort of sinus kettle thing that, well, look it up online. I can't explain it. It was neat though! So! I have this cold and haven't felt like updating this here blogspot...until now. I am going to systematically post pictures from various things we've done here and there, and will journal about them. I may not get these events in order though, as my computer messes that up, and I don't recall the sequence! Oh well! So, without further adeu....

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