Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"Rhino Man"

Wendy is a hoot. A vocal hoot. I was reading this funny critters go shopping book, and she zoomed in on the rhino, which is the grocery store manager, and she said, "Rhino Man!" She says the funniest things. I'm teaching her The Lord's Prayer, and she focused on "daily bread," as I'm certain she relishes HER daily bread, so when I finished saying it to her the first time, she said, "Daily Bread Song. AGAIN!" Every day she says things in a way that makes sense, but just reveals to me the wondrous working of her little mind. When she was sick, it was "Mouth sick. Bear messy," because she had gotten sick on him. When I went in to get her the other morning, I saw that her diaper had not contained her tee-tee totally, and I was going to have to wash her sheet, and she had already observed this, and told me, "diaper broken. bed yucky." She hoards Puffs in her play kitchen, emptying the red bucket that moments earlier had held them, and asks, "more puffs. Puffs all done." Then, in her little refrigerator, there they all are, in her play bowls!

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